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Audi customer story

Audi AG

Efficient and professional technical training that measures up to the requirements of a premium brand

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"With the help of SMART Boards, the disadvantages of static PowerPoint presentations have been overcome. Trainers now have the opportunity to create more interactive and visual sessions. Participants are much more integrated. SMART solutions offer countless possibilities, making them suitable for both practical and theory sessions."
Ralf Schmidt
Coordinator of Technical Training in Germany, Audi AG

Bioveta a.s.

The company improves the quality of its production process for its veterinary products and this is greatly bolstering the competitiveness of its products on the market in the Czech Republic and abroad.

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"The training centre has been up and running for a year now and we are making full use of two SMART Board interactive whiteboards for specialist training, team meetings, foreign-language learning, brainstorming, as a substitute for paper flipcharts and for operations meetings."
Jiří Vlk
IT Engineer, Bioveta a.s., Ivanovice na Hané/Czech Republic


SMART products help teams work together quickly and efficiently across distances

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"The successful delivery of a customer solution relies upon the effective collaboration between people across BT. Our new SMART collaboration capability enables people to meet, regardless of where they are in the world, and interact as if they were in the same room. This has had a massive impact on travel costs and reduced our carbon footprint significantly.
Last week I trained 34 people in India from Adastral Park and yesterday I trained a further eight - that’s a saving of a flight
to India, plus my time, in just two weeks."
Bola Oshisanwo
Director, Agile Development Centre, British Telecom, UK
R=Bulldog Solutions

Bulldog Solutions

Bulldog Solutions gains competitive advantage through remote collaboration

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"With SMART business solutions, we have been able to give our clients a creative, collaborative experience – whether clients are local or remote, SMART business solutions bring them right into the conference room."
Johnny Anderson
Vice President of Business Development, Bulldog Solutions


Computacenter saves time and money with SMART’s interactive corporate solution

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"I have the utmost confidence in the SMART Board and Bridgit solution. I know it works when I need it to. I can set up meetings without worrying that the technology will let me down."
Chris Hanson
Internal Sales Director, Computacenter

DPR Construction

The SMART Board interactive whiteboard helps multidisciplinary teams work together

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"Our collaboration in the big room is leading us to produce a much better coordinated design."
Atul Khanzode
Director of Virtual Building, DPR Construction
Customer story


SMART solution integrates perfectly with the company philosophy and support all business processes

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"The SMART Board is the first tool I've seen on the market of which I can say that it actually supports us in our work!"
Michaela Schuller
Head of Training Center, Cosmetics, DR. GRANDEL
Gansen Lindsay

Gansen Lindsay Design Consultants

The SMART Board interactive whiteboard speeds up the planning process

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"With the SMART Board interactive whiteboard, we can very easily demonstrate what works and what doesn't. The evolution of a plan can take place right there, when normally it would take three meetings."
Helma Gansen
President, Gansen Lindsay Design Consultants Inc.
GIRA customer story

Gira Giersiepen GmbH & Co. KG

Easy and intuitive communication and the illustration of technical circuit diagrams are now enhanced in meetings

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"Our company especially needed a presentation tool that reflects professionalism. SMART Boards helped us set a technological standard that is accepted by the whole team and help us achieve our business objectives. The SMART Boards now guarantee us easy starts and intuitive performance in each presentation."
Sascha Marré
Head of customer service, Gira Giersiepen GmbH & Co. KG
SMART Business Customer Story - BASF


SMART solutions ensure high motivation of instructors and trainees by enabling improved visualization and teamwork.

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"For me what counts is the overall package that SMART provides. The intuitive software, innovative hardware and service of our SMART certified reseller all results in more motivated trainers and trainees. Once you’ve worked with this system you don’t want to work without it anymore."
Andreas Peters
Instructor, Manufacturing Engineering, BASF SE
SMART Business Customer Story - Britannia Service

Britannia Safety & Training

10% increase in mark rates and 20-25% increase in knowledge retention. Strengthened Britannia's reputation for the highest quality services. A business growing by 30% in the past 12 months.

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"The SMART Boards put us two to three years ahead of our competition. Our training sessions are far more effective, far more powerful and far more enjoyable. I estimate that there is a 20-25% increase in knowledge retention."
Colin Wright
Managing Director, Britannia Safety & Training
SMART Customer Story - CDW


CDW boosts productivity by increasing engagement and efficiency of meetings with the SMART Room SystemTM for Microsoft® Lync®

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"The solution was a fit for us because it was fully integrated with Microsoft® Lync®, and it made drawing and interacting with the digital whiteboard and Microsoft PowerPoint® files a breeze for both local and remote participants. And during the sessions we’re able to capture everything and then immediately e-mail our session materials and notes out to our customers, without having to type out a meeting summary or action items."
Bryan Letcher
Information Worker Architect

CENDEC Systems Inc.

Supporting the energy industry for over 25 years, CENDEC Systems Inc. provides financial compliant-based solutions for energy companies to track assets.

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"Within a week, everyone in our organization adopted the use of SMART Boards. We went from erasing notes to consolidating them. Physically it brings everyone together as well. We went from dry-erase whiteboards all over the walls to one place to convene."
Kevin Hintz
SMART Business Customer Story - EDF Energy

EDF Energy

A highly effective and well-used collaboration space, popular with different teams and with the potential to be introduced to other EDF Energy offices.

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"We wanted to create a true collaboration environment in the Crawley office. Having converted it from a regular meeting room, we deliberately ensured that the hub is used as intended; for genuinely collaborative working where everyone can work together and contribute in an open, creative way."
Simon Vickers
Internal Control Manager, EDF Energy
FC Cologne

1. FC Cologne

The SMART Board® interactive whiteboard system strengthened the mentoring of both individuals and the entire FC Cologne youth team in a very efficient way.

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"We have high expectations of 1. FC Cologne – of its players, its coaches and its training. By using the SMART Board, we can offer our young talents professional, personal support. The trainer can react to their needs and strengthen the skills of every single player."
Christoph Henkel
Managing Director, Youth Players Department, 1. FC Cologne
SMART Business Customer Story - IBSECAD


Construction projects are kept on schedule and on budget.

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"The feedback from clients has been universally positive. It is much easier for clients to understand what they are looking at in workshops and to contribute their ideas, and easier for us to capture the discussion and action the agreed decisions. The SMART Board is a massive benefit and is making a huge difference to our projects."
Richard Baglow
Regional Director, IBSECAD
Customer Story

Lionfish Creative Agency

Lionfish Creative Agency enhances collaboration by implementing SMART Boards®.

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"[Using the SMART Board has given us] the ability to impress clients with innovative ways to accomplish their business goals and being able to share, in real time, the creativity, the innovation and creative brilliance that our team brings to the game gives us a competitive advantage."
Gloria Wildeman
CEO and Creative Director, Lionfish Creative Agency
SMART Business Customer Story - PSA

PSA Peugeot Citroën Group

Using iObeya and SMART Boards combines the best of both worlds. The solution enables multi-site collaboration for teams located across the world.

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"Space savings alone enabled a less than six months Return on Investment. Teams are much more efficient and productive. As an example, we have managed to reduce the length of our management meetings by 50%. Personally I am a big fan of SMART - iObeya."
Jean-Pierre Dumoulin
Chief Technology Officer, PSA Peugeot Citroën
Customer Story

T.D. Williamson

T.D. Williamson reduces time to market, decreases design-related travel by ~30%, significantly reduces the demand for IT support calls and enhances global collaboration with the SMART Room SystemTM for Microsoft® Lync®.

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"With the SMART Room System, we’ve been able to reduce OPEX by cutting our travel expenditures by approximately 30 percent and we’ve also increased our speed to market."
Jeff Wilson
Chief Technology Officer, T.D. Williamson
Customer story

HARTING Technology Group

Easy and intuitive communication in meetings and the illustration of technical circuit diagrams are now fostered

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"It's so simple. With only a single tool we can meet the company's requirements, from the simple archiving of product development steps to planning a new building."
Günter Behnke
Vice President, Technical Services and Plants, HARTING Technology Group
Kaap Doorn Conference Centre

Kaap Doorn Conference Centre

Customers experience enhanced meeting effectiveness through improved interactive collaboration

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"Taking care is the key. There is always someone who can quickly orientate new users to the SMART Board interactive whiteboard and demonstrate what the benefits and features are and all the possibilities this powerful solution offers to our customers."
Bob Nijhuis
Director of Kaap Doorn, Kaap Doorn
Customer story

MAN Diesel & Turbo

Interactive training sessions and full integration of any Microsoft Office application make the SMART solution a unique teaching and meeting tool

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"SMART has convinced us with its overall package. Its flexible solutions, the easy-to-use, the many various applications and especially the service are unbeatable!"
Michael Born
Project Manager, Augsburg MAN PrimeServ Academy
Microsoft Technology Centre customer story

Microsoft Technology Centre

The SMART solutions make the customer meetings more effective, improved utilisation of the Microsoft Technology Centre, enhance collaboration and knowledge sharing with customers.

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"Using the new solution from SMART Technologies, we have improved the effectiveness and efficiency of our meetings and write ups. Because of this, we are now able to fit in additional meetings at the MTC. This has helped our sales teams to meet more customers and thereby increase our sales pipeline."
Martyn David
Manager MTC, Reading/UK


Technology helps a UK communications solutions company cut travel costs and make better connections

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"We can set up a conference in less than three minutes and SMART’s collaboration technology fits perfectly with our mantras of “walk up and use” and “three touches and go” – it really is that simple."
Alan Parkin
Programme Manager, Infrastructure Design and Delivery, O2
Peters Shipyards Customer Story

Peters Shipyards

Netherlands-based shipbuilders launch more effective design review sessions with SMART Board interactive whiteboards.

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"SMART Board’s interactivity makes presentations much more communicative."
Xander Buschgens
Peters Shipyards


Thanks to the interactivity of the SMART solutions the information flow is now much more efficient and discussions are more engaging for participants.

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"The SMART solutions have become a universal tool for all forms of company communication."
Tomáš Kubalík
IT Specialist, REXAM Ejpovice, Ejpovice/Czech
Rusch Customer Story


Award-winning Dutch crane builders revamp meetings and presentations with a SMART Board interactive whiteboard.

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"In addition to its practical advantages, Rusch also finds that the SMART Board adds credibility. It looks good and contributes to a positive impression of Rusch among (prospective) customers."
Ruud Schreijer
Scan Health Plan

SCAN Health Plan

The fourth-largest not-for-profit Medicare Advantage health plan in the United States uses SMART products to promote collaboration and enhance productivity.

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"We wanted to break down silos, we wanted to have an ‘adhocracy’ rather than a hierarchy, we wanted staff to collaborate more – and the SMART Boards really help us do that."
Diane Coles
Director of Workplace Solutions, SCAN Health Plan
Schottel customer story


The ability to quickly start and easily deliver interactive training sessions optimizes the delivery of product knowledge

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"In the past, we had to set everything up. It was very time consuming. Now, we’re saving a great deal of time and effort. Just a few minutes before training starts you go into the training room, turn on the SMART Board and begin!"
Reinhold Knecht
General Manager, SCHOTTEL Academy
Sign For Com


SMART solutions are very intuitive to use, eliminating the time-consuming digitization of handwritten notes and increasing attention and focus during meetings.

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"SMART solutions are so intuitive that our clients enjoy working with them and join us in developing a project plan by adding notes directly."
Petra Giebel
Founder and CEO, SIGN FOR COM
TE Connectivity

TE Connectivity

Easy and intuitive communication in meetings and the illustration of technical circuit diagrams are now fostered.

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"SMART solutions act as a new interface. Several teams can now work together from various locations in the same document and develop a product - a major step toward global engineering!"
Dr. Thomas Stange
Manager Engineering Knowledge & Collaboration, TE Connectivity

Turner Construction Company

The largest general builder in the United States combines SMART solutions with Building Information Modeling to increase collaboration and productivity.

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"SMART Boards have changed our meetings. We’re able to get on topic, pull up a 3D model, show the problem and quickly get others on board."
Dan Gramer
National Manager, Integrated Building Solutions
Customer Story - Tullow Oil

Tullow Oil

The SMART solutions and the TAP system deliver a saving of tens of thousands of dollars in indirect costs. This includes substantial savings in travel time and travel costs.

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"Travel time and costs have been reduced, as we can now share data remotely. This includes travel to offshore oil facilities, which is resource intensive. We estimate that the SMART Boards and the TAP system deliver a saving of tens of thousands of dollars in indirect costs"
Murtaza Amin
Production Technology Team Lead, Tullow Oil, London/UK
Villari, Brandes & Kline

Villari, Brandes & Kline, P.C. Lawyers

Lawyers grab jurors’ attention with visual evidence

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"We believe we've overcome the biggest challenge faced by lawyers with the SMART Board interactive whiteboard."
Peter Villari
Personal Injury Lawyer, Villari, Brandes & Kline, P.C. Lawyers