SMART NotebookSMART Notebook Software End User License Agreement

Answers to Common Questions

What is the SMART Notebook Software End User License Agreement?

It’s a legal agreement between the end user and SMART Technologies for the use of SMART Notebook software. You accept the terms and conditions of this license agreement when you download and install any SMART software.

Where do I find the license agreement for SMART Notebook software?

Start SMART Notebook on your computer, click Help on the menu bar, and then click About SMART Notebook. You’ll find the Software End User License Agreement on the License tab.

How many computers can I install SMART Notebook software on at my school?

You can install SMART Notebook software on an unlimited number of computers that your school owns and operates [Section 2.2(a)]. It can also be installed on computers not controlled by the school as long as the user who controls the computer is associated with that school and the software isn’t being used on a competitor’s product.

Can I use SMART Notebook software on another brand of interactive whiteboard, touch-enabled or pen-enabled screen digitizing product?

SMART Notebook software is intended for use with SMART products. In certain circumstances, purchase of the SMART Notebook Standalone Software License allows you to use SMART software on a competitor’s product. Competitors’ products include tablet PCs and any pen-enabled or touch-enabled devices, such as competitors’ interactive whiteboards and touch display screens. Schools can apply for the SMART Notebook Standalone Software License through SMART’s Technology Upgrade Program for Education, which enables schools and districts to standardize on SMART products.

To use this license, you must provide SMART with the serial number of your third-party product to create a license key to activate the standalone license. You need one license for each third-party product you use SMART software on. To apply for the program, contact a SMART authorized reseller [Sections 2.2(d) and (e)].

Can substitute teachers install SMART Notebook software on their computers when they come in to teach?

Yes, they may install SMART Notebook software on their computers because they’re considered an employee or consultant of the school at that time [Section 2.2(a)].

They can also download a 30-day trial version of SMART Notebook software from the SMART website, even if they don’t have a product key.

Can I give my product key to all the students in my class so they can activate SMART Notebook software at home?

Yes, all students in your school may download SMART Notebook software on their home computers and activate it using the school product key. They’re entitled to use SMART Notebook at home for as long as they’re students at your school [Section 2.2(a)].

I’m a teacher and my school owns a SMART Board interactive whiteboard. I downloaded SMART Notebook software to teach my lessons. However, I’ll be in a new school in December and they don’t own any SMART products. Do I have to remove SMART Notebook?

Employees of a school that owns SMART products may use the product only as long as they remain employees of that school. So, yes, you’d have to remove SMART Notebook software from your computer when you move to a school that doesn’t own SMART products [Section 2.2(a)].

How many copies of SMART Notebook software can I make in machine-readable form for backup purposes?

You can make only one copy of SMART Notebook software in machine-readable form for backup purposes. This backup copy must include all trademarks, copyright or other proprietary notices contained in the original software [Section 2.2(b)].

Can I give my SMART Notebook product key to a teacher from another district?

Your school may use SMART Notebook software, and therefore the product key, to activate the software only on computers that it owns and controls. SMART Notebook software can also be used on computers not owned or controlled by the school, including teacher, student and consultant computers, as long as they are associated with the school. Teachers from another district can use the product key only if they are associated with the school. Otherwise they would have to obtain their own product keys using a SMART product that their district owns and operates [Section 2.2].

Who do I contact if I have a question about SMART software activation or licensing?

Call 1.888.42.SMART or e-mail