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Extraordinary success stories

For our customers, collaborating using a flip chart or dry-erase board is the equivalent of making a phone call using a piece of string and two tin cans.

Because such extraordinary transformations have occurred after choosing SMART solutions, our customers would never dream of going back to using traditional collaboration tools.

If you are ready to stop using outdated, ineffective tools, read our customer success stories and discover how SMART solutions can help you, too.


customer stories

SMART kapp - Organic Farm

Technology and farming have always gone hand-in-hand. Watch how an Organic Farms in the USA is using SMART kapp to make better decisions, in real-time.

customer stories

SMART kapp – London and San Francisco Agency

April Six creates innovative marketing solutions for tech companies. They use SMART kapp to ensure their team, spread across the USA, UK and the world, can easily collaborate together and with clients.

customer stories

Business Transformation

Plantronics is an innovative technology company searching for a way to reduce meeting start-up time and better engage remote meeting participants. The solution? Extending their Microsoft Lync solution into the meeting room.

customer stories

Avoiding costly surprises

Through enhanced collaboration using SMART solutions, Turner Construction identifies and resolves issues before they arise in the field, saving costs and preventing schedule delays.

customer stories

Digital Visual Management for Lean

Using iObeya and SMART Boards combines the best of both worlds. The solution enables multi-site collaboration for teams located across the world. "Space savings alone enabled a less than six month return on investment". Jean-Pierre Dumoulin -- CTO, PSA Peugeot Citroën.

customer stories

Boosting cost effectiveness

SCAN Health Plan has significantly reduced administrative costs and enhanced the quality of care for its members since it began using SMART Board interactive whiteboards.

customer stories

Increasing productivity

With SMART solutions, the Microsoft Technology Centre in Reading, UK, has improved customer engagement and increased the effectiveness of customer meetings.

customer stories

Improving situational awareness

The San Francisco Department of Emergency Management has accelerated its response times and reduced the impact of emergencies by using SMART solutions.


Collaborating with customers

At the Microsoft Technology Center in Irvine, California, USA, SMART solutions are helping staff turn presentations into conversations.

Barton Malow

Doubling efficiency at Barton Malow

Using SMART interactive flat panels for visual collaboration is helping Barton Malow to double efficiency and reduce costs. Before they used SMART Solutions, they primarily used paper drawings for their construction projects. Now their collaboration world has changed.

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