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See how effectively your business collaborates

Take a SMART Inspired Collaboration Assessment. It's the ideal way to determine your organization's collaboration maturity level – a measurement of your collaboration technology, best practices and processes. The higher your collaboration maturity level, the greater the value added to your business.

Want an in-depth analysis?

Take the Inspired Collaboration Assessment and get a Detailed Results Report on your collaboration maturity level, a customized radar map offering recommendations for 27 best practices, benchmarking against best-in-class organizations and a baseline ROI for collaboration solutions designed for your business objectives. (Approximately 20 minutes to complete.)

Short on time?

Take the Inspired Collaboration Assessment Lite, a short but highly effective and accurate online assessment. Answer 10 questions in just 10 minutes (or less) and receive a results dashboard report that contains your collaboration maturity level, customized recommendations, industry benchmarking and a technology adoption profile. (Approximately 10 minutes to complete.)

Why take an Inspired Collaboration Assessment?

  • Learn why organizations that move from the lowest levels of collaboration maturity to higher levels can realize as much as a 92% increase in productivity and a 62% reduction in expenses, according to cumulative results from the assessment
  • Receive a technology profile for your organization and learn how specific technologies have a measurable collaboration business value
  • Learn why certain organizations consistently score the highest on collaboration best practices and how you can achieve similar results
  • Learn to avoid the common mistakes that can reduce the business value of your collaboration investment
  • See benchmarking details on how your organization’s collaboration compares to other businesses in your industry

Additional Information

For further details on how SMART collaboration technology can help your organization increase productivity and reduce operational costs, visit our Business Solutions Page.

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See the impact of SMART solutions

Stanford Ico

Learn how SMART solutions in design review can impact your bottom line in this infographic based on a Stanford University whitepaper.

Explore the 4th dimension

4D - Fourth dimension

Find out how the 4th dimension of collaboration can help your teams achieve better results.