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White papers

SMART has created numerous white papers to help you find the products that best suit your needs. These research documents are easy to read, cover a variety of topics and provide practical, reliable information that assist you in making informed decisions about the technology you implement.

How interactive whiteboards reduce teacher stress

Reducing stress in the classroom: how interactive whiteboards and solution-based integration improve teacher quality of life

Learn how interactive whiteboards can help you reduce planning and prep time and personalize student learning. You’ll also find practical information on the importance of a solution-based approach to integration and links to available educator resources.

Interactive whiteboards and universal design for learning

Creating classrooms for everyone: how interactive whiteboards support universal design for learning

Discover how interactive whiteboards improve learning for all students. You’ll also find a 7-step checklist to help you choose an interactive whiteboard that complies with the principles of the universal design for learning.

Why classroom amplification systems help

Why classroom amplification systems help teachers teach and students learn: preventing teacher vocal disorder and helping students hear in the classroom

Learn how adding a classroom amplification system to a substandard acoustic environment can help students process more of what they hear in a classroom and prevent teachers from straining their voices.

Interactive whiteboards and 1:1 learning

Interactive whiteboards in 1:1 learning environments: defining public and private learning spaces in the classroom

Read what researchers have to say about the critical role interactive whiteboards play in 1:1 environments.

Differentiated instruction

One, some, all: creating technology-enabled learning environments to support flexible grouping

Learn about the range of currently available learning technologies that facilitate individual, small-group and whole-class instruction in technology-enabled learning environments.

Total cost of ownership

Evaluating total cost of ownership for SMART Board interactive whiteboards

This white paper evaluates the total cost of ownership of the SMART Board interactive whiteboard using a budget checklist recommended by the Consortium for School Networking.

Improving student learning outcomes

Interactive whiteboards and learning: improving student learning outcomes and streamlining lesson planning

Read specific examples of the positive effects interactive whiteboards have on teaching and learning. Examples are gathered from research papers and case studies written in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia.

The truth about…

The truth about interactive whiteboards, pens and fingers: separating myths from facts

Take a balanced look at claims commonly made about interactive whiteboards and understand the important differences between pen-only and pen-and-finger models.


The truth about interactive whiteboards and active screen area: the way you measure matters

Learn to distinguish between active screen area and actual screen size. Understanding how each is measured will help you determine how much usable space there is on an interactive whiteboard.


The truth about wireless slates in differentiated classrooms: using wireless slates with or without interactive whiteboards

Are you trying to decide whether to use a wireless slate alone or with an interactive whiteboard? Learn about the classroom needs these two products meet and the effects of using them together or alone.


The truth about interactive whiteboard operating specifications: interpreting temperature and relative humidity

Find out what the numbers mean when it comes to evaluating operating specifications for interactive whiteboards. We’ll also help you evaluate claims about the ability of different interactive whiteboards to withstand extreme temperature and humidity conditions.


The truth about interactive whiteboard durability: what durability means and why it’s important

Get a detailed analysis of how the SMART Board interactive whiteboard is able to deliver a high degree of strength and durability.


The truth about interactive whiteboard resolution: why higher resolution does not always mean greater accuracy

Find out what resolution really means and why higher resolution doesn’t equate to greater accuracy when it comes to interactive whiteboards.



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