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The SMART Ink plugin for Microsoft Office behaves unexpectedly

SMART software


Operating systems

Windows 7 and Windows Vista operating systems


Microsoft Office software


After you install the SMART Ink plugin for Microsoft Office, the SMART Ink toolbar appears in the Word or Excel title bar but you’re unable to select the pen tool or to use SMART Ink to write over your document. In addition, in PowerPoint presentations, the SMART Ink toolbar doesn’t appear.


Microsoft Office could have disabled the SMART Ink plugin.


Enable the SMART Ink plugin for each of your Microsoft Office applications.


You need to enable the SMART Ink plugin for Word, Excel and PowerPoint separately.

To enable the SMART Ink plugin

  1. Start your Microsoft application, press the Office button, and then press the options button at the bottom of the menu.

    The options window appears.

  2. Press the Add-Ins tab.

    A list of Microsoft Office add-ins appears.

  3. Select Disabled Items from the Manage drop-down list, and then press Go.

    A list of disabled items appears.

  4. Select the SMART Ink plugin, and then press Enable.

  5. Restart the application.

First published

May 15, 2012


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