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8070i5e display

Interactive product systems with appliance 1.1 firmware

Download and install this firmware for the following SMART products:

  • SMART Board 800i5e-SMP and 800ixe-SMP interactive whiteboard systems 
  • SMART Board 8070ie-SMP and 8055ie-SMP interactive flat panels

IMPORTANT: This firmware is for the 16 GB hard drive for the Appliance. If you have an 8 GB hard drive in your appliance, the firmware update will fail during installation. Contact your authorized SMART reseller for a hard drive replacement. Until you replace the hard drive, you can download appliance 1.0 firmware.

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Click a link below for more support information about your SMART product:

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To check the firmware version number on an interactive whiteboard

  1. Turn on your interactive product.

  2. Press the information button on the appliance control panel.

  3. Select System > About in the appliance's user interface to view the firmware version number.

  4. If the firmware version is earlier than 1.1.463.0, follow the steps below to download and install 1.1.463.0 firmware. 

To check the firmware version number on an interactive flat panel

  1. Turn on your interactive product.

  2. Select System > Settings in the user interface.

  3. Log into the system using the Administrator password.

  4. Press the About tab.

    The firmware version is listed under System Information >Appliance.

  5. If the firmware version is earlier than 1.1.463.0, follow the steps below to download and install 1.1.463.0 firmware.

To update the appliance firmware

  1. Download the WIM file from this page, and then save it to a USB drive. 

  2. Connect the USB drive to your SMART product. If you have a SMART Board 800ie interactive whiteboard system, connect the USB drive to the appliance control panel on the left side of the pen tray.


    If you have a SMART Board 8070i interactive flat panel, connect the USB drive to one of the three USB receptacles on the appliance behind the right side of your interactive flat panel. Don't use the single USB receptacle on the left side of your interactive flat panel.

  3. Select System > Settings on the SMART Business toolbar.

    The logon screen appears.

  4. Type your administrator password, and then press Log On.

    The Configuration Setting menu appears.

  5. Press the Administration tab, and then select the Firmware Update tool.

  6. Browse to and select the WIM file on the USB drive.

  7. Press Open, and then follow the on-screen instructions.

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Appliance 1.1.463.0 firmware

Click the Download button to download this package to your computer. Follow the on-screen instructions.
Download details


 1.1.463.0, released June 7, 2012

File size

2.07 GB

Language support


System requirements


Download appliance BIOS softwareHide

Download and install the BIOS software when installing a new 16 GB hard drive in your appliance.

For more installation information, see Replacing the hard drive in your appliance in the  Related documents section.


Version: 5103
File size: 1 MB
Release date: July 12, 2012

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See the document below for more information on installing these downloads:

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