SMART Response™ VE interactive response system

The SMART Response VE interactive response system is cloud-based software that enables formative and summative assessments on any BYOD or school-owned device, anywhere in the world.

  • Integration with SMART Notebook softwareResponse VESMART Response VE keeps your lessons running smoothly by transitioning between lesson delivery and assessment seamlessly.
  • Engage students on any deviceResponse VEEnable students to respond to questions using the mobile devices they know and love, regardless of what model they are using. These devices can be school owned or BYOD.
  • Evaluate student understandingResponse VEBy seeing how students respond to your questions, you can adjust your teaching on the fly and be assured that every student understands the lesson.
  • Easily assess learningResponse VESMART Response VE allows you to spontaneously add questions to lessons or easily prepare quizzes and exams, and then summarizes the results.
  • Organize the resultsResponse VEWith the included Teacher Tools, test results are automatically added to the built-in gradebook and saved in a single file, which helps you organize data.
  • Explore the power of widgetsResponse VEUse student responses to dynamically create mind maps or capture them in a tag cloud on a single SMART Notebook page.

Integrated with SMART Notebook software

Create dynamic questions and assessments by accessing SMART Response VE directly within SMART Notebook software. SMART Response VE is seamlessly integrated with SMART Notebook software, giving you one application for creating lessons, delivering assessments and evaluating student comprehension.

Mobile device-enabled

Respond to assessments using Internet-enabled devices, such as computers, iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad mobile digital devices, and smartphones on the Android mobile technology platform or with Blackberry OS 6.0 or 7.0. Students access the browser-based product on their devices and enter an assessment ID to receive and answer assessment questions. Compatible Internet browsers include Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox, Google Chrome and Safari.

Questions integrated into lessons

Create questions for formative and summative assessment, prepare quizzes or exams in advance and ask spontaneous questions to gauge students’ comprehension at any point during a lesson.

Display results immediately

Display question results in easy-to-view pie charts or graphs, which you can then drag into a SMART Notebook software page for a closer view and add your own notes in digital ink. You can also view assessment progress before all students have answered, and view results in detail, so you can see exactly how each student has answered.

Question variety

Ask different types of questions using six question types – true or false, yes or no, multiple choice, multiple answer, numeric and text response.

Anonymous mode

Allow students to respond with complete confidentiality.

Comprehensive gradebook

Use the built-in Teacher Tools gradebook to generate up to 18 student and class performance reports that are automatically collected and saved in one location. The gradebook automatically collects answers and grades, stores results and displays student and class history and trends alongside assessment, educational standards and cognitive levels. Teachers can also generate PDF reports or export results to Microsoft Excel.

Classroom management

Use the built-in Teacher Tools gradebook to create class lists or import existing class lists to track student performance and record test results. In addition, you can set up, conduct and manage tests and quizzes, then monitor each student's progress during a test and instantly view results.

Mixed mode

Enables the use of SMART Response LE, SMART Response PE (formerly Senteo), SMART Response XE and SMART Response VE interactive response systems – in the same assessment.

Intuitive on-screen links

Proceed easily through tasks step by step, guided by clear links and simple prompts. With a single click, you can create questions, start and stop a quiz or view results.

Privacy setting

Use the privacy mode in the system’s built-in gradebook to ensure sensitive student identification details and test scores aren’t seen by other students or teachers.

Self-paced delivery

With access to questions directly on their mobile devices, students can work at their own pace without the need for paper copies or common displays.

Answer key

Quickly and easily create answer keys for self-paced assessments.

Weighted marking

Assign different point values to individual questions within a test or quiz, or adjust student scores in the built-in Teacher Tools gradebook.

Export assessment results

Export results in Microsoft Excel format (.xls) or text format (.csv). Customize text files by choosing the fields required for the report, including question-level data.

Import existing questions

Visit the SMART Exchange website to access free question sets that are correlated to curriculum standards. SMART Response VE is also compatible with other commonly used file formats, so you can import questions from other applications, including Microsoft PowerPoint, Word and Excel, PDFs (Mac only) and third-party question banks.

Content pages

Measure student comprehension during any lesson by inserting questions between content pages in SMART Notebook software.

Multiple print options

Print quizzes as handouts so students can complete them at their own pace, or add comments to completed tests that can be printed and used later as study guides.

No installation required

No software installation is required on students' devices, so students can respond to planned or spontaneous assessments during lessons using any Internet-enabled device.

Proxy Server Support

SMART Response VE is supported when proxy servers are being used.

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Response VE

SMART Response VE - Full specifications

SMART Response VE interactive response system

Model MSEP*
SMART Response VE - teacher license (1 yr subscription) $99
SMART Response VE - teacher license (2 yr subscription) $179
SMART Response VE - teacher license (3 yr subscription) $239
SMART Response VE - primary site license (1 yr subscription) $1,499
SMART Response VE - primary site license (2 yr subscription) $2,699
SMART Response VE - primary site license (3 yr subscription) $3,599
SMART Response VE - secondary site license (1 yr subscription) $2,999
SMART Response VE - secondary site license (2 yr subscription) $5,399
SMART Response VE - secondary site license (3 yr subscription) $7,199

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* MSEP: Manufacturer's Suggested Education Price for qualifying education institutions in the US market (in US dollars). See reseller for details. Resellers may sell for less. Exclusive of shipping, installation, duties or taxes.


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