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SMART Notebook Math provides interactive tools to illustrate math concepts

Beta version of new education software available in June

CALGARY, Alberta --- April 23, 2009 --- SMART Technologies announces the availability of the beta version of SMART Notebook Math software in June, 2009. Educators from around the world can sign up now to download the beta and provide feedback on their experience with the product. SMART Notebook Math software is the only software developed by an interactive whiteboard manufacturer that provides the digital tools needed to create content, and to recognize and graph equations within the context of a lesson. The application has all the functionality and features of award-winning SMART Notebook software, with math-focused content and tools for middle, secondary and post-secondary educators. SMART Notebook Math comes with dynamic graphing tools that enable educators to create their own graphs or graph mathematical functions or tables of values. The application also features a handwriting recognition function that recognizes individual math symbols and full equations, and can then solve equations. SMART is the first interactive whiteboard developer to offer this feature. More than 20 percent of educators using SMART Notebook worldwide teach mathematics.

SMART Notebook Math is part of SMART’s ongoing effort to provide the best possible tools for creating education content. With direct and ongoing input from teachers, and SMART’s team of curriculum resource developers, the company’s large collection of existing math resources are pedagogically sound, customizable and easy-to-use. They include SMART Notebook software lesson activities, SMART Ideas™ concept-mapping software lesson activities and Senteo™ question sets. SMART also offers a large gallery of images that illustrate math concepts and use tools like the popular random number generator and rolling dice. There are a variety of math titles in SMART’s software accreditation program that are popular with educators. About one third of SMART Notebook lesson activities are designed for math, and most are available free of charge through SMART’s website. SMART Notebook Math builds on these resources and addresses the needs of middle, secondary and post-secondary school educators. There are currently more than 2,200 individuals signed up to trial the beta version of the new software. To enroll in the SMART Notebook Math beta program, educators can visit

“There are so many ways to use the handy resources in the SMART Notebook Gallery to create exciting and engaging SMART lessons for my interactive whiteboard,” says Daniel Wagner, a secondary school math teacher at University High School in Greely, Colorado who has been using SMART Notebook software for seven years. “It is also so easy to create your own folders by integrating calculator images, Geometer’s Sketchpad images, as well as MathType images to make lessons more dynamic and interesting.”

“In many schools, math teachers are the first to receive SMART Board™ interactive whiteboards, because math is a subject where students benefit greatly from visual reinforcement of concepts – so we wanted to create an application for the specific needs of these educators,” says Nancy Knowlton, SMART’s CEO. “SMART Notebook Math software brings concepts to life in a visual and tactile way, and early feedback from educators suggests this will greatly enhance students’ understanding and retention of math concepts.”


Handwritten-equation recognition – Recognizes and solves handwritten equations

Dynamic graphing – Links equations, tables and graphs enabling educators and students to explore how changes in an equation affect its visual representation in a graph. Values can also be plotted in a graph to see how the equation changes

Custom graph builder – Makes creating custom number lines and graphs easy by setting the x,y, start and finish as well as the scale

SMART product integration – Looks and feels like all other SMART software applications and is compatible with all SMART products

April 16, 2009

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April 29, 2009

SMART receives three BESSIE awards

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