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SMART Room System™

The SMART Room System supports levels of interaction that are unmatched by the competition. With it you can ink over any application, including Microsoft® Excel® and Adobe®. It has more size options than any other SMART Room System and is the only system on the market that is manufactured and supported by one vendor.

Six sizes
Choose the system that will provide the best experience for each of your meeting rooms

Single 55 (XS)

55" display

Single 65 (S)

65" display

Single 84 (M)

84" display

Dual 55 (M Dual)

Two 55" displays
(M Dual)

Dual 65 (L)

Two 65" displays

Dual 84 (XL)

Two 84" displays

SMART Room System

Interactive Display

SMART Room System feature

The commercial-grade, HD/LCD display enables an unrivalled touch experience.


Immediate Startup

SMART Room System feature

Equipped with Proximity Detection, the display turns on when you walk into the room and meetings are loaded by pressing a button.


Panoramic Video

SMART Room System feature

The HD camera has a 109 degree field of view that displays the entire room and adapts to any lighting condition.


Enhanced Audio

SMART Room System feature

Up to 5 tabletop microphones can be connected, ensuring effective coverage and integrated speakers offer high quality sound.

Interactive Sharing

SMART Room System feature

Enable dual touch and inking capabilities onto any application by plugging in a laptop and conducting a desktop share. Access the revolutionary Unbound Workspace, which lets you pan and zoom to any level of detail, whatever the detail and complexity of the content.


Administrative Console

SMART Room System feature

With its 11.6" display, the console has large touch points, which makes controlling the overall meeting easier without the need for a remote control.


Optional Wall Stand

SMART Room System feature

An optional stand and cable routing system simplifies installation and eliminates the need for costly wall reinforcements.

SMART Services

Services and Support Options

SMART Enterprise Services and Support packages will give you the peace of mind and ensure you are getting the most out of your SMART Room System investment.

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Business Transformation with SMART

Plantronics is searching for a way to reduce meeting start-up time and better engage remote meeting participants. The solution? Extending Microsoft Lync into the meeting room.

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An integrated solution

All of the room components are designed to work together. This creates a single integrated solution for audio, video and data collaboration that simplifies installation, support and ensures the components function as a single system.

Skype for Business interface

Users who know Skype for Business will find it easy and intuitive to use the SMART Room System. It maintains the Skype for Business interface they are familiar with.

Proximity Detection

The interactive display will automatically turn on when it detects motion in the room. This saves energy costs when not in use and allows quick access to the technology when meetings start.

Immediate startup

The SMART Room System supports the ability to start ad hoc whiteboarding sessions or to set up scheduled meetings. Either meeting starts with just the touch of a button.

Interactive flat panel

A durable, high quality display that uses smooth, anti-glare glass to create an optimal touch experience.

Object awareness

The interactive display automatically detects a finger or a pen without special mode switches or buttons and allows users to erase ink on the display with their palm.

Interactive Sharing

Interactive Sharing expands collaboration capabilities beyond PowerPoint and the Skype for Business Whiteboard by adding multi-touch and inking over any content within the SMART Room System. Users have the ability to identify discrepancies, get instant alignment and save changes during the meeting instead of after.

Wide angle camera

The ultra-wide 109 degree field of view (the largest available for a Lync Room System) allowing remote users to see the entire room without the need for pan/tilt/zoom functionality.

Natural videoconferencing

SMART's camera reduces eye gaze, making remote and in-room participants feel as though they are looking each other in the eye.

Administrative console

With the 11.6" display, the console has large touch points, which makes controlling the overall meeting easier without the need for a remote control.

Immersive audio

Up to 5 tabletop microphones can be connected, ensuring effective coverage, and integrated speakers offer high quality sound.

Systems designed for any room

SMART offers 6 different sizes of room systems designed for 4 to 20 people and ranging from 50 to 400 square feet. Systems feature 55", 70" and 84" displays.

Optional wall stand

An optional stand and cable routing system simplifies installation and eliminates the need for costly wall reinforcements.

Compare all six sizes

To see a comparison of key specifications from all six sizes of the SMART Room System, open the PDF. You can also view the full specifications of each size individually below.

SRS Extra Small SRS Small SRS Medium SRS Medium double SRS Large double SRS Extra Large double
Extra Small Small Medium Medium-Dual Large Extra Large

Customer Testimonials

The SMART Room System eliminates meeting room frustrations and optimizes unparalleled collaboration. Don’t take our word for it. See what our customers are saying.


“Now we have meaningful, real conversations.”

- Peter Scott, Director, End User Technology


“Improves our ability to collaborate across the organization, no matter where all the meeting attendees are connecting from.”

- Tom Gill, CIO

“The deployment of the SMART Room System was relatively easy because the solution is fully integrated from a single vendor, requiring a minimal investment from our IT group to get it set up.”

- Beau Wilder, Director, Strategic Solutions Planning, Plantronics

“I think I would be interviewing an organization on how they communicate and collaborate, ... if they didn't have collaboration platforms like Lync and SMART boards, I probably wouldn't join the company. I'd just be ineffective.

- Boris Seibert, Sr. Director Alliances, Plantronics

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It just works. Since we deployed SMART Room Systems there hasn’t been one complaint.”

“Previously our engineers had been sharing drawings via email – it was slow, taxing on the servers and cumbersome. SMART Room System changed that. Collaboration became real-time and eliminated these inefficiencies.”

This is just the start. We’re really interested in...being able to plug in a laptop and annotate over any content - our engineers are just drooling over this.”

- Steven Graham, Global Infrastructure Architect


“Meetings can now reliably start within seconds, eliminating the stress normally involved with legacy AV solutions.”

“We have achieved dramatic reduction in costs, implementation times and support turnaround due to vastly reduced component complexity, averaging 60% savings per room.”

- Greg Gerwing, Solutions Architect

Marquette University

“With over 2,000 active Lync users, the SMART Room System was a perfect fit.“

“Press one button to quickly get to the heart of the meeting.”

- Dan Smith, Deputy CIO


“The SMART Room System... immediately changed the way we did business.”

“One of the key benefits was the ability to conduct architecture design sessions remotely without losing the advantages of being there in person.”

- Bryan Letcher, Information Worker Architect

Read the customer story


Available 3rd Party Alternatives

SMART developed the SMART Room System based on the Skype Room System requirements, and it is qualified by Microsoft. However, customers who want to customize their room experience can do so by using the standard USB interfaces on their SMART Room System to connect alternative peripherals*. Examples of devices that have been successfully integrated with the SMART Room System by our customers can be seen below. Customers are encouraged to work with their selected resellers and technology professionals to evaluate use of custom hardware with the SMART Room System.

Vaddio RoboSHOT 12

Vaddio RoboSHOT 12
  • 12X optical zoom
  • Up to 73-degree horizontal field of view
  • Tri-Synchronous Motion (simultaneous 3-axis motion)
  • Sony 1/2.8 Type Exmor CMOS Imaging sensor
  • Native HD resolution of 1080p/60
  • Built-in Web Server (setup and control)

Polycom CX5100 HD

Polycom CX5100 HD
  • 360-degree HD1080p USB camera with active speaker detection
  • Panoramic video stream output
  • 20 foot microphone pickup range
  • 160 Hz – 22kHz audio processing
  • Optimized for Microsoft Lync 2013 and Lync Room Systems

Logitech PTZ Pro

Logitech Conference Cam CC3000e
  • 260-degree pan
  • 130-degree tilt
  • 10X lossless zoom
  • 90-degree field of view
  • Full HD 1080p 30fps with onboard UVC 1.5 and H.264 SVC
  • ZEISS® Optics with autofocus
  • Standard tripod thread

SMART Room System™

Model MSRP*
SMART Room System™ for Microsoft® Lync® for extra small rooms $17,999
SMART Room System™ small for Microsoft® Lync® $19,999
SMART Room System™ medium for Microsoft® Lync® $24,999
SMART Room System™ for Microsoft® Lync® for medium rooms with dual panels $24,999
SMART Room System™ large for Microsoft® Lync® $29,999
SMART Room System™ for Microsoft® Lync® for extra large rooms $40,999

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* MSRP: Manufacturer's Suggested Resale Price for the US market (in US dollars). Resellers may sell for less. Exclusive of shipping, installation, duties or taxes.


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SRS interactive sharing video

Interact with content in any application

Purchase through the U.S. General Services Administration

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