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SMART projector choices

The all-new SMART UX80 projector delivers a superior option for widescreen SMART Board 885 or M685 interactive systems. When you purchase a full-screen (4:3) SMART Board 600i, M600i or 800i interactive whiteboard system SMART offers the ultra-short-throw SMART UF70. SMART projectors are easy to use, easy to install and easy to maintain, and are backed by our SMART Projector Care Plus program.

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UF70, UF65, UX60

SMART UX80 projector

The all new SMART UX80 ultra-short-throw projector is HD-ready and provides 3,600 lumens for classrooms with high ambient lighting, and an ultra-short throw distance that virtually eliminates shadows and glare. The extended control panel provides easy access to all audiovisual products in the classroom and enables teachers to switch between inputs and access power and volume controls from one location.

The projector is mounted directly above the interactive whiteboard for simple installation, and the swivel projector mount makes alignment easier. And its long-lasting lamp and filter-free design reduce maintenance costs. The UX80 offers 2 HDMI inputs, an integrated speaker, and the ability to control 2 displays simultaneously. The UX80 comes with the widescreen SMART Board 885ix interactive whiteboard system.

SMART UF70 projector

The SMART UF70 ultra-short-throw projector offers improved shadow reduction and enhanced brightness, and is HD ready. It has a throw distance of approximately 25.75" (65.5 cm), provides 3,000 lumens in standard mode and projects crisp images with high contrast and color quality. The projector displays high-definition video, and has an HDMI input.

The projector's extended control panel makes it easy for teachers to control other audiovisual devices in the classroom from the front of the interactive whiteboard. With one touch, they can switch between inputs and control power and volume. The UF70 is also energy efficient, consuming 0.5 watts of power in standby mode. And it offers a long-lasting lamp life (up to 4,000 hours in Economy mode) and filter-free design which reduce maintenance costs. The UF70 is compatible with standard and widescreen models of SMART Board 600, 800 and M600 series interactive whiteboards.

SMART warranty information


SMART offers a variety of ways to protect your investment through standard and extended warranties and the SMART Projector Care Plus program.

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