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One click on express.smarttech.com and anyone, anywhere can open, edit and share lessons and other content created using SMART Notebook collaborative learning software. This lightweight version of SMART Notebook software is accessible online anytime at no charge. With the SMART Notebook Express™ web application, you don’t need to log in and there’s no software to download - all you need is Internet access.

For everyone

SMART Notebook features for everyone

With SMART Notebook Express, teachers everywhere have instant access to some of the most popular editing and delivery features found in SMART Notebook software. For instance, you can open any SMART Notebook file and interact with the content by writing notes in digital ink, editing text, opening website links and viewing multimedia files. SMART Notebook Express makes it easy for anyone to experience the benefits of interactive teaching and learning.


Sharing is easier than ever

With SMART Notebook Express, you can share your interactive lesson material with anyone - even with other teachers who don’t have a SMART Board interactive whiteboard or SMART Notebook software. You can also use SMART Notebook Express to share files with your students to help them complete homework or catch up after missed classes. Since the application is available online, both students and parents can view SMART Notebook files from anywhere, no matter which operating system they use.

Content and community come together

By using SMART Notebook Express with the new SMART Exchange online community, teachers can access digital content, share SMART Notebook lesson activities and exchange ideas and success stories with colleagues anywhere in the world. On the SMART Exchange, teachers can quickly find, evaluate, download and share a variety of classroom-relevant content in one easy-to-access location. With SMART Notebook Express, teachers anywhere can view the content and use it in their own classrooms.


Page Sorter
View SMART Notebook software pages as thumbnails using the Page Sorter. Reorder your presentation by simply dragging and dropping the thumbnails.
Text-editing tool
Add or edit text on SMART Notebook software pages, and change the font style, color and size.
Pen tool
Highlight information or write in digital ink using different colors and line styles.
Object manipulation
Select and move or delete any object on a SMART Notebook software page.
Open with SMART Notebook Express
SMART Notebook files can be opened from the SMART Exchange or third-party sites by simply pressing the Open with SMART Notebook Express button, even if you don’t have SMART Notebook software installed on your computer.
Multiple languages
SMART Notebook Express is available in U.S. and UK English, Spanish, French, German and Italian.
Create new pages or files
Add new pages to any SMART Notebook file, or create a new file.
Multimedia support

Open and view Adobe Flash files, videos and object animations contained in lesson activities.

Save function
Save SMART Notebook files to your own computer, including any new content you’ve added or changes you’ve made to the pages.
Notebook Express video

Share lesson material with anyone, anytime

See how easy it is to share SMART Notebook files with students, parents and other teachers using the SMART Notebook Express web application. Watch the video.

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SMART Notebook Express web application - Full specifications (PDF - 354KB)


Comparison - SMART Notebook and SMART Notebook Express (PDF - 76KB)


Comparison - SMART Notebook Express and SMART Notebook Interactive Viewer (PDF - 64KB)

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SMART Notebook lesson activities

SMART Exchange and SMART Notebook

Search, filter and download thousands of SMART Notebook lesson activities for all grade levels and subjects. You can also share your own lesson activities with other teachers.

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