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Cleaning your SMART UF55 projector or your SMART UF55w projector

SMART hardware SMART UF55 projectors and SMART UF55w projectors


This document provides instructions for cleaning your SMART UF55 projector or your SMART UF55w projector.


Periodic cleaning of the projector’s internal color wheel position sensor and the projector’s lens can greatly extend the life of your projector.

SMART recommends that you clean your projector every six months. If your projector is regularly exposed to excessive dust, clean it every three months.


  • Cleaning a boom-mounted projector can result in a fall or injury. Use caution when climbing a ladder.

  • Before you clean the projector, turn off your projector and allow the lamp to cool for at least 30 minutes.


  • Do not spray cleaners on or near any part of the projector. Cleaners could damage the projector’s components and lamp, resulting in poor image quality and shortened lamp life.

  • Do not allow liquids or commercial solvents of any kind to flow into the projector base or head.


You can vacuum accumulated dust from the lamp module, vents and slots on your projector when you replace the lamp.

To clean your projector, complete the following steps.

  • Clean the projector’s internal color wheel position sensor.

  • Clean the lens.

Cleaning the internal color wheel position sensor

Use a projector cleaning kit to remove accumulated dust from the internal color wheel position sensor.

If you don’t have a projector cleaning kit, visit the Store for SMART Parts ( and search for part number 20-01626-20 (the Projector Quick Clean Kit). You can use the kit to clean several projectors.

The cleaning kit includes the following:

  • An air bellows bulb

  • An air tube

  • An air tube guide

 Kit contents


  • You need a sturdy step-ladder to access the projector.

  • You need a Phillips No. 2 screwdriver (not included) to complete this procedure.

To use the projector cleaning kit, follow these instructions. Alternatively, you can follow the instructions in the Projector quick clean kit textless instructions (see and watch this how-to video.

To clean the projector’s sensor

  1. Turn off your projector and wait 30 minutes for the lamp to cool completely.

  2. Disconnect the power to the projector.

  3. Using a stepladder to access the projector, remove the projector boom cover with a Phillips No. 2 screwdriver.


    Cleaning a boom-mounted projector can result in a fall or injury. Use caution when climbing a ladder.

     Remove the boom cover

  4. Loosen the large wing nut on the top of the ball joint to allow movement of the projector, pull the projector towards you to allow access to the vent, and then tighten the wing nut.

     Reveal the vents

  5. Place the air tube guide into the vent so that it’s flush and can’t move laterally.

  6. Insert the air tube into the air tube guide.

     Insert the air tube

  7. Place the air bellows bulb over the air tube.

     Place the air bellows

  8. Squeeze the bulb 20 times.

     Squeeze the bulb 20 times

  9. Remove the air bellows bulb, the air tube and the air tube guide.

     Remove all components


    You can use a lint-free cloth to clean the exterior of the projector as required. If necessary, use a soft cloth moistened with a mild detergent to clean the projector housing. Avoid touching the lens.

  10. Loosen the large wing nut on the top of the ball joint, slide the projector back into its previous position, and then tighten the wing nut.

Cleaning the lens


  • Do not apply pressure to the lens because you can easily scratch it.

  • Do not use compressed air to blow off dust.

  • Never touch the lens with your bare hands or a brush.

Use an air bellows bulb (commonly found in audio-visual supply stores and in SMART’s projector cleaning kit) to blow off dust.

If wiping the lens is unavoidable, wear protective gloves and dip a lint-free cloth (such as Purestat PW2004) in an anti-static solvent (such as Hyperclean EE-6310). Gather part of the cleaning cloth into a soft ball and hold the ball with your fingers. Gently brush the remaining cleaning cloth across the lens from the center to the edge, like you would a feather duster, without applying any pressure to the lens.

Turning on the projector and realigning the image

  1. Connect the projector to power, turn on the projector, and then align the image on the screen.


    For information on aligning the image, see chapter 2 in the SMART Board 600i3 and SBD600i3 Interactive Whiteboard System Configuration and User’s Guide ( and steps 28–31 in the SMART Board 600i3 and SBD600i3 Interactive Whiteboard System textless installation guide (

  2. Install the projector mounting boom cover, and then use a Phillips No. 2 screwdriver to secure it.

  3. Note the date and the serial number of the projector on the cleaning record label inside the lid of the projector cleaning kit box.

     Record date

First published

March 24, 2010

Last updated

February 2, 2012


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