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Create, explore and evaluate maths concepts with SMART Notebook Maths Tools. This add-on to SMART Notebook collaborative learning software combines all the tools you need to teach maths concepts and solve equations in a single application. It keeps everything at your fingertips, so that you can easily incorporate shapes, measurement tools, graphs and tables into lesson activities.

SMART Notebook Maths engagement

Multiply engagement with SMART Notebook Maths Tools

SMART Notebook Maths Tools enables you to easily outline a lesson, write notes and create, graph and solve equations without leaving SMART Notebook software. Included in the SMART Notebook Maths Tools software are a shape creator, graph builder and advanced equation editor that make your lessons more visual, understandable and interactive.

Create lesson activities that inspire participation

SMART Notebook Maths Tools makes it possible for you to create lesson activities that encourage involvement from students and help them understand maths concepts. Specialised tools and features include shapes that you can manipulate and divide, linkable dynamic tables and graphs, and mathematical expression editors.

Inspire Participation

And because it's an add-on to SMART Notebook software, you'll also have access to the same great Gallery items and software tools in SMART Notebook that inspire teaching and learning worldwide.


Explore maths concepts using interactivity

Maths becomes a hands-on, exciting learning opportunity with SMART Notebook Maths Tools. You and your students explore concepts interactively by using the irregular polygon tool and the intuitive compass, ruler and protractor.

The software also recognises handwritten mathematical equations. This means that you and your students can solve and graph handwritten equations, making SMART Notebook Maths Tools ideal for use on SMART Board interactive whiteboards.


Add flexibility to your instruction

There's more than one way to engage students in analysing, graphing and plotting data with SMART Notebook Maths Tools. The software's dynamic tools give you flexibility when examining relationships between tables and graphs, plotting a line of best fit and creating line graphs. You’ll be able to demonstrate concepts symbolically and numerically using a variety of graph types.


Solve the learning equation

Whether they are calculating, measuring or interpreting data, students gain a greater understanding of solving maths problems with SMART Notebook Maths Tools. Tools such as the Texas Instruments emulator launcher and integrated maths engine enable you to guide students step by step through a concept, and motivate them to find the answer.

Learning Styles

Support student learning styles

The many features of SMART Notebook Maths Tools enable you to enhance maths lessons for students with various learning styles. Show a single concept symbolically, numerically and visually to reach every student, whether they learn by seeing or doing.

The software’s comprehensive set of maths-specific tools improves engagement and retention for all students. SMART Notebook Maths Tools is designed for secondary maths classrooms, but many of its tools are also ideal for primary maths lessons.

Add-on to SMART Notebook software
With SMART Notebook Maths Tools you receive a variety of maths-specific tools, as well as access to all the great features and Gallery items available in SMART Notebook software. SMART Notebook Maths Tools embeds all the tools you need right into SMART Notebook software, saving you from running several different applications during a lesson.
Customisable maths toolbar
Get instant access to maths-specific tools within SMART Notebook software. Customise the default toolbar to show only the tools you want, or display a second toolbar just showing maths tools.
Handwriting recognition and equation solving
Handwrite questions on the fly - SMART Notebook Maths Tools recognises handwritten mathematical equations and symbols that can be solved and graphed. Expressions can be numerically or symbolically solved, with full support for fractions, exponents and multi-line expressions.
Advanced equation editor
Insert and edit textbook-quality equations into your lesson activities with the advanced equation editor. You can copy and paste equations or question sets without reformatting from other software applications, such as Microsoft Word. SMART Notebook Maths Tools recognises most equations, allowing you to solve and graph solutions.
Texas Instruments emulator integration
If you have a Texas Instruments emulator, you can launch it with one click in SMART Notebook Maths Tools. The TI calculator stays on top of your other applications, so it’s always available for copying maths expressions into your lessons.
Table and graphing tools
Incorporate tables into your lesson activities. SMART Notebook Maths Tools includes maths table features with labeled columns and dynamic, interactive graphing capabilities. Easily show the relationship between tables of values and their points plotted on the graph. Changed values on the graph are automatically reflected in the table and vice versa.
Graph Wizard
Use the Graph Wizard to create graphs that suit your lesson, or use one of the default graphs for fast instruction during a lesson. Lines and shapes can be added to your graphs, with the option of showing the coordinates of the vertices and side lengths.
New and improved shapes

Discover shapes not previously available in SMART Notebook software. Incorporate perfect squares, semicircles, triangles and curved lines into your activities. In addition, SMART Notebook Maths Tools includes 12 standard regular polygons and a new irregular polygon tool that enables you to create polygons with as many sides as you want. You can also draw a circle from a centre point.

Shape manipulation

Manipulate shapes and incorporate them into your lesson activities. With angle manipulation, you can independently adjust the vertices of any shape and watch the angle and line lengths change instantly. Adjust 1 angle and the corresponding side lengths change automatically. The display of side lengths can be hidden and revealed anytime during a lesson.

Shape division
Divide shapes such as circles and rectangles into equal parts using shape division. Then label each part as a fraction of the whole. The individual parts can be independently manipulated or grouped with others.
Make accurate measurements with the advanced ruler. Resize it for your lesson activities by increasing or decreasing the length without losing the scale. Use digital ink to trace along its edge, it will give you a perfect line every time. The ruler can be flipped for metric or imperial measurements and all of the numbers on the ruler stay vertical as it is rotated making them easy to read. The ruler also displays the current angle as it is rotated.
Use the protractor in 180 degree mode or expand it to 360 degrees. You can use digital ink to trace along its edge to draw a perfect curve. Numbers on the protractor stay vertical when the protractor is rotated, making them easy to read. The angle ejector allows you to set an angle on the protractor and instantly insert it into your lesson without having to draw it freehand.
Create arcs or circles easily with the compass. The ink always matches your current pen or ink selection, and the image can be adjusted to any size on the screen.
Integrated maths engine
Evaluate simple and complex maths expressions in SMART Notebook software without the need for a separate calculator.
Notebook Maths Demo

SMART Notebook Maths Tools

See how you can easily outline a lesson, write notes and create, graph and solve equations using a comprehensive set of maths-specific tools in SMART Notebook Maths Tools. View the SMART Notebook Maths Tools demo.

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