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Higher Education Solutions

SMART Solutions for Community Colleges

Technology that supports current and future investments

Technology that supports current and future investments

Discover interactive technology that is easy to implement, and can expand and adapt as the needs of your college change.

Our solutions for community colleges are cost-effective and can be flexibly arranged to suit your learning environments, instructor needs and infrastructure requirements. The products are designed to work together and complement one another, and easily integrate with your existing technology and future expansions, at a reasonable cost.

Easy for Everyone

Easy for everyone

With SMART solutions, instructors have the support and flexibility to deliver lessons and lectures that engage students and promote participation.

They can easily write, save and share classroom notes and documents with every student in the class. SMART Board interactive whiteboards are easy to use, ensuring instructors have a consistent and intuitive experience, every time.

From the novice user to the high-tech instructor, our solutions help every faculty member deliver effective lessons that can improve student outcomes.


SMART Products for Community CollegesShow
SMART Board Interactive Displays

SMART Board interactive whiteboards (with SMART Meeting Pro software)

Transform your learning spaces into interactive, collaborative environments where students are both inspired and focused. With a SMART Board interactive whiteboard, instructors can interact with dynamic multimedia content and write notes in digital ink, then save them instantly and distribute this material to students with ease. SMART Board interactive whiteboards make learning a visual, engaging experience for students, which helps deepen understanding and promote retention of course material.

Enhance student teamwork with SMART Meeting Pro software, our collaboration and meeting productivity software. Its touch-enabled whiteboarding features, superior digital ink capability and flexible options for saving your work make it easy to share lesson content and capture ideas in powerful, engaging ways.

SMART Board Interactive Whiteboards

SMART Board interactive flat panels (with SMART Meeting Pro software)

Enhance collaborative learning with SMART Board 8000 series interactive flat panels. Combine the touch capabilities of a SMART Board interactive whiteboard with the crisp visuals of flat-panel display technology to take collaboration to new heights and deliver lessons with impact. Featuring high-definition, shadow-free LCD displays, the 8000 series has intuitive multitouch capabilities and support for common touch gestures – making lessons more visual, interactive and engaging.

Enhance student teamwork with SMART Meeting Pro software, our collaboration and meeting productivity software. Its touch-enabled whiteboarding features, superior digital ink capability and flexible options for saving your work make it easy to share lesson content and capture ideas in powerful, engaging ways.

SMART Podium

SMART Podium interactive pen display

Create engaging presentations and dynamic collaboration sessions with the SMART Podium 500 series interactive pen display. Open, share and write notes with digital ink directly on presentations, documents, applications, websites and multimedia files, and save your work for distribution or later reference. The versatile interactive pen display works as a powerful presentation tool and supports collaboration in virtually any learning space, including small classrooms, labs, large auditoriums and distance education.

Bridgit Conferencing Software

Bridgit conferencing software

Make distance education or remote collaboration a snap with Bridgit conferencing software. It’s a simple way to share voice, video and data over the Internet. Share anything you have open on your desktop or SMART Board interactive whiteboard and make notes for all session participants to see on their screens. With VoIP and video sharing capability, it’s quick, it’s easy – a complete collaboration solution.

Bridgit for IPad

Apple iPad Application for Bridgit conferencing software

With the Apple iPad Application for Bridgit conferencing software, you can collaborate effortlessly with local or remote students and conference like you’re in the same room. Use the app with your SMART Board interactive whiteboard or display to view content that is being presented and highlight or annotate over that content. You can create or join a meeting on your iPad with either a WiFi or 3G network connection. Whether you’re teaching students or collaborating with colleagues across the hall or around the world, SMART Bridgit conferencing software makes it easy to stay connected.


Customer storiesShow

Community colleges around the world have chosen SMART's interactive products to make learning more meaningful, instruction more impactful and the college more dynamic and attractive.

Laramie County Community College

SMART products help Laramie County Community College become one of the most tech-savvy community colleges in the country, with a substantial increase in enrollment.

Montgomery County Community College

By integrating SMART products, Montgomery County Community College has been able to build flexible learning environments.

SAIT Polytechnic

SMART products are revolutionizing automotive classes at SAIT Polytechnic – helping students improve their skill and comprehension levels.

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