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SMART solutions for promoting accessibility

Making learning accessible for every student

SMART solutions help you promote accessibility by providing support for students’ visual, auditory, physical and mobility, and social and communication needs – so it’s easy for all students to participate both academically and socially in class.


Discover the impact SMART products are having on all students, including those with special needs, at Denton Avenue Elementary School and Tulsa Trail School.


Accessibility in a SMART-enabled classroom

With SMART solutions, you can create supportive classroom communities where all students have equal access to learning. Our products offer multiple ways for students to express themselves, interact with activities and comprehend concepts. We help you tailor instruction to the needs of each student, so you can create inclusive learning environments where all students can achieve their social and academic goals.


Explore the products that can help you foster social learning skills in your early education learning environment. You’ll find information on how our products can help each young learner succeed regardless of their learning style.

The coreShow
SB 800i

SMART Board 800i interactive whiteboard system

The 800i helps students with special needs

  • Stay focused on lessons – the short- or ultra-short-throw projector virtually eliminates distracting or stimulating shadows and glare
  • Easily write and interact with digital content using any object, such as a tennis ball, if they have difficulty holding a pen
  • Work together simultaneously with students of different learning styles through its multitouch feature
  • Develop a social connection with peers
SMART Board 600i interactive whiteboard

SMART Board 600i interactive whiteboard system

The 600i helps students with special needs

  • By integrating assistive technology with classroom technology
  • Reach a number of Individualized Education Plan (IEP) goals
  • Become excited about lessons by making those lessons interactive and fun
SMART Notebook 10 icon

SMART Notebook collaborative learning software

SMART Notebook software helps students with special needs

  • Achieve their learning goals – teachers can modify lessons to incorporate the needs of children with specific learning challenges or Individualized Education Plan (IEP) goals, without singling out individual students
  • Understand lessons through compelling visuals and sound clips, which is especially helpful for visual or auditory learners
  • Better understand concepts through pictures or interactive elements available in the Gallery
  • See digital content – teachers can enlarge font sizes and images to help students with visual impairments see the content
The SMART Classroom
SMART Response LE interactive response system

SMART Response interactive response systems

The SMART Response system helps students with special needs

  • Easily input their responses using simple handheld remotes (or clickers) with large, colorful buttons and symbols
  • Participate in lessons regardless of reading level or degree of fine motor development – the remotes meet universal design for learning standards
  • Stay involved in lessons by using the remote's raised symbols and large buttons – especially important for students with visual impairments
SMART Table interactive learning center

SMART Table interactive learning center

The SMART Table interactive learning center helps students with special needs

  • Engage in lessons by learning in the same ways in which they play
  • By letting them access the SMART Table with assistive devices such as a joystick or switch
  • Participate in all types of lessons – the SMART Table supports universal design for learning
  • Interact with peers, regardless of their individual learning considerations
SMART Document Camera - Straight on thumbnail

SMART Document Camera

The SMART Document Camera helps students with special needs

  • Use materials such as sticks or string to spell words or make symbols under the SMART Document Camera if they have difficulty writing
  • See even the smallest details by zooming in and enlarging images on the SMART Board interactive whiteboard
  • Understand important points by enabling teachers to write on images with digital ink without switching to a new application or tool
SMART Slate wireless slate

SMART Slate wireless slate

The SMART Slate enables teachers to interact with digital content on the SMART Board interactive whiteboard while they move around the classroom. It helps students with special needs

  • Stay involved in lessons – especially students with reduced mobility
  • Participate in lessons without being separated from the general education students
SMART Audio 340

SMART Audio classroom amplification system

The SMART Audio system helps students with special needs

  • Focus on lessons and not the ambient noise of the classroom
  • Speak up during lessons using an optional second infrared microphone – this is especially useful for students who have reduced mobility
  • By enabling speech devices, if compatible, to connect to the microphone input and be amplified through the wall or ceiling speakers


Accessories can enhance your SMART Board interactive whiteboard and help make your learning environment more inclusive.

  • The SMART Height-Adjustable Wall Mount ensures that students in wheelchairs or with other assistive devices can still interact with content on the SMART Board interactive whiteboard
  • USB extenders can be used to plug in assistive devices, such as joysticks or tablets, so students of differing abilities can interact with lessons on the SMART Board interactive whiteboard
  • A wireless connection can reduce or eliminate cable connections between the interactive whiteboard, classroom computer and students' assistive devices
Software products
SMART Notebook Math Tools icon

SMART Notebook Math Tools software

SMART Notebook Math Tools helps students with special needs.

  • Learn math concepts in a variety of ways with lessons that can be enhanced to meet various learning styles
  • Learn by seeing or doing – teachers can show a single concept using symbols, numbers or visuals
Classroom Suite icon

SMART Classroom Suite interactive learning software

SMART Classroom Suite provides teachers with the essential tools to manage classrooms, assess students and encourage collaboration.

  • The software helps students stay on track and enables teachers to see every student's desktop
  • Teachers can send lesson materials and URLs to students who have difficulty typing
  • Teachers can make instant and ongoing assessments
SYNC icon

SMART Sync classroom management software

SMART Sync software makes it easy for teachers to share content from their screen with individual students, helping them see in detail what is being presented. The software also helps students with special needs

  • Remain engaged and included in lessons, even if students are working on individual laptops or computers
  • See lesson content on their own computer screens, so students with visual impairments do not have to struggle to read content located at the front of the room
SMART Ideas icon

SMART Ideas concept-mapping software

SMART Ideas software offers many benefits for special education learning environments.

  • Students can create concept maps using colors and over 2,000 resizable pieces of subject-specific clip art
  • Teachers can reinforce concepts by linking to multimedia
Content and community
SMART Exchange

The SMART Exchange website

The SMART Exchange website is a free resource where special education teachers can

  • Find, preview and download lessons from third-party publishers that are geared specifically toward students with special needs
  • Search for standards-correlated and subject-specific lessons among the over 50,000 classroom-ready learning resources
  • Join an online community of educators from around the world
Illustration of woman in front of certificate

Training and professional development

Our training and professional development offerings help teachers

  • Adopt SMART products with enthusiasm
  • Learn how to use their SMART products effectively
  • Reduce preparation time


Find out how you can use SMART products to create inclusive learning environments. Our resources include webinars, stories from educators around the world and white papers.

Customer storiesShow

Engaging students in their learning

Discover how SMART products are helping students with special needs become more motivated to engage in their learning.

Giving students with autism autonomy over their learning

Find out why having new ways to access learning is empowering students with special needs to take more responsibility for their learning.

Providing new ways to overcome barriers

Learn how SMART products have given students with special needs different ways to demonstrate their knowledge and communicate their needs.

When it comes to success stories, our customers tell them best. From helping educators improve student learning outcomes to providing firefighters with life-saving simulation training, SMART products help people in all corners of the world collaborate, communicate and learn better than ever.

Published articlesShow

Smart Inclusion for the 21st Century Classroom

This article discusses the integration of SMART Boards with assistive technology in the classroom. It was published in the December 2010 / January 2011 edition of Closing the Gap magazine.

Smart Adventures in the Classroom

This article examines the use of SMART Boards with what has historically been thought of as "special needs software," set within a framework of Universal Design for Learning (UDL), Differentiated Instruction (DI), Aided Language Stimulation, and the Participation Model (PM). It was published in the August / September 2011 edition of Closing the Gap magazine.

Smart Inclusion

This article discusses the outcome and benefits that the School Board has seen since integrating students with severe special needs into general education and system classrooms throughout the district. It was published in the April / May 2012 edition of Closing the Gap magazine.


SMART Solutions and Assistive Technology

Discover how SMART solutions can be used to promote accessibility in your classrooms.

SMART Response LE

Discover how SMART Response LE helps students in early grades and special education express themselves, while providing teachers with an easy way to gain instant and accurate insight into student understanding.

White papers

SMART has created numerous white papers to help you find the products that best suit your needs. These research documents are easy to read, cover a variety of topics and provide practical, reliable information that assist you in making informed decisions about the technology you implement.


Supporting Behavioural Disorders and Dyslexia on Digital Tables

This study describes how SMART Technologies multi-touch table leverages personal space to help students with behavioural disorders learn together.

Designing Technology to Meet the Needs of All

This study shows how mainstream educational technology, in conjunction with what is generally thought of as "special needs" software/hardware, can act as a catalyst for inclusive classroom practices -"necessary for some good for all". Combining technology with good instruction enhances educational and social participation for all students including those with disabilities.

The Effects of the SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard on High School Students with Special Needs in a Functional Mathematics Class

This research project on the SMART Board interactive whiteboard investigated its effect on the achievement of 11 students with special needs in a functional mathematics class. The project concludes that the SMART Board interactive whiteboard appears to be a positive tool for assisting functional math achievement with these students.

Gains in Self-Efficacy: Using SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard Technology in Special Education Classrooms

This project used cognitive/behavioral counseling, social-skills training, and the SMART Board interactive whiteboard to teach students with emotional/behavioral disorders.

Absenteeism: The Learning Gap Solution

This study explored alternative approaches to instructing students when they are absent from class, such as using a SMART Board interactive whiteboard and SMART Bridgit conferencing software.

Helping All Children Learn Action Research Project

This project records a teacher's observations of technology integration with grade three students, including two students with ADHD.

Report on the Use of the SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard to Enhance Literacy in Children with Learning Disabilities

This study compared the academic performance of disabled students who learned emergent literacy on a digital whiteboard to that of students who received traditional literacy instruction.

The Aural Enabler: Creating a Way for Special Needs Kids to Participate in the Classroom Lesson

With a SMART Board interactive whiteboard being used for instruction, this study assesses the language skills of grades three and five special needs students.

SMART Technology Research Project at Dr. Gordon Townsend School

This research paper investigates the SMART Board interactive whiteboard's potential impact on teaching and learning in an environment where many of the students have physical or mental difficulties.

Report on the Use of the SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard to Teach Language Arts to Children with Autism and Autistic-like Behaviors

This study compared the use of a SMART Board interactive whiteboard in teaching autistic children language arts to the use of a written newspaper containing identical information.

The Effectiveness of the SMART Board while Instructing Limited English Proficient Learners

This project examined the literacy gains made by students with limited-English proficiency when taught with a SMART Board interactive whiteboard.

Additional materials

Case studies

Dore Academy in Charlotte, North Carolina

Dore Academy in Charlotte, North Carolina is a school for children with attention and learning disabilities. The school uses SMART Board interactive whiteboards and SMART Ideas concept-mapping software to ensure lessons are highly visual, interactive and engaging.

John F. Kennedy Centre in Hong Kong

John F. Kennedy Centre in Hong Kong uses SMART Board interactive whiteboards to transform learning for special needs students. Students’ attention and retention was improved and lesson planning was streamlined.

The Bridge School in London

The Bridge School in London, United Kingdom teaches students 5 to 19 years old who have Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities (PMLD), Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Severe Learning Disabilities (SLD).

The pen and finger-touch capabilities of the SMART Board interactive whiteboard mean all students can use and benefit from the technology, even students who can't hold a pen.

The Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind

The Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind in St. Augustine, Florida is a state-supported residential school for eligible hearing-impaired and visually impaired students from preschool through grade 12. SMART Board interactive whiteboards have improved learning outcomes and brought learning benefits to all students.

Creating inclusive learning environments

Accessibility Webinar

Read articles from Closing the Gap Solutions and discover how SMART products are helping students with special needs meet their learning goals.

Find out how our products foster accessibility in each of the areas below:

Accessibility visual support

Visual support

Physical and mobility support

Accessibility physical support

Auditory support

Accessibility hearing support

Social and communication support

Accessibility social support
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