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The full SMART Notebook™ collaborative learning software solution powers inspired learning by enabling whole class and anywhere, anytime instruction.

SMART has announced changes to SMART Notebook software that may affect you. You can learn more about them here.

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SMART Notebook collaborative learning software

Create high-impact lessons that bring learning to life. With a rich set of design and delivery features and a multitude of digital resources, SMART Notebook software connects you to a full ecosystem of content, tools and support.
SMART Response family

SMART Response interactive response systems

Our interactive response systems can be used for whole-class instruction to obtain quick insight into learning, track student performance and organize formative and summative assessment results in the built-in gradebook. This is all done directly from SMART Notebook software.

SMART Notebook Math Tools icon

SMART Notebook Math Tools

SMART Notebook Math Tools is an add-on for SMART Notebook software that enables you to create, explore, evaluate and solve math concepts during whole-class instruction.

Notebook 3D Tools

3D Tools for SMART Notebook software

3D Tools is an add-on for SMART Notebook software that enables you to import and manipulate 3D content directly on a SMART Notebook page during whole-class instruction.

SMART Notebook Web

SMART Notebook Web (Beta)

SMART Notebook Web is a web-based version of SMART Notebook software that enables students and educators to access their SMART Notebook software lessons from anywhere at anytime.

SMART Notebook for iPad

SMART Notebook App for iPad

The SMART Notebook App makes SMART Notebook lessons available to students on their iPads. They can create multimedia files and collaborate asynchronously, from anywhere at anytime.

Notebook Interactive view icon

SMART Notebook Interactive Viewer

SMART Notebook interactive allows students, parents and colleagues to access existing SMART Notebook files (even if they don’t have SMART Notebook software) enabling teaching and learning from anywhere, at anytime.

SMART Response VE grouping

SMART solutions for mobile learning

Learn more about how SMART solutions enable learning on personal devices, helping facilitate teaching and learning from anywhere, at anytime.

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SMART Notebook Express web application

SMART Notebook Express is a web-based version of SMART Notebook software that enables you to open, edit and share SMART Notebook lessons from anywhere, at anytime.

SMART Exchange

SMART Exchange website

SMART Exchange is the number one community for educators searching for content for their SMART solutions. It helps you bring inspiration to the classroom with a wealth of standards-correlated digital lessons, assessments files, interactive widgets, copyright cleared content and add-ons for SMART Notebook software.

Notebook Advantage maintenance plan

Notebook Advantage maintenance plan

A new annual paid subscription program for customers using SMART Notebook collaborative learning software, Notebook Advantage covers upgrades, add-ons and technical support for SMART Notebook software.


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SMART Notebook lesson activities

SMART Exchange and SMART Notebook

Search, filter and download thousands of SMART Notebook lesson activities for all grade levels and subjects. You can also share your own lesson activities with other teachers.

SMART support

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Choose from a range of support options, from our extensive knowledge base of easily accessible technical documents to one-on-one, direct contact with experienced technical support staff by e-mail or telephone.

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