SMART Classroom Suite interactive learning software

SMART Classroom Suite

Designed for computer-enabled classrooms, SMART Classroom Suite™ interactive learning software provides teachers with the essential tools to manage classrooms, assess students and encourage collaboration. SMART Classroom Suite is designed to easily integrate with your existing classroom technology and your school’s wireless or wired network. The most recent version was released in 2011.

One software suite for a complete solution

With SMART Classroom Suite, you can easily transition between lesson creation, classroom management and student assessment. It reduces the time it takes to set up classroom technology, enabling greater focus on teaching and learning. With instant assessment and classroom management tools, you can effortlessly move between whole-class, small-group and individual instruction to meet every student's learning needs. And this practical software suite will also help you use your existing technology products, helping you get the most from your school's classroom technology investment.

SCS Focuse

Keep students focused on learning

SMART Sync software, the classroom management component of SMART Classroom Suite, helps you keep students focused on learning. The software provides thumbnail views of all computers in a class – making it easy for you to guide learning, and monitor and control student computers. With SMART Sync, you can interact with your students as a group or individually to keep them engaged and focused. You can also guide student collaboration, which helps students build communication and problem-solving skills.

With SMART Sync software, you can gain 14 minutes per 50-minute class by reducing your technology setup time. Designed to work with your existing wireless or wired network, this software enables you to quickly connect and stay connected, so you can focus on guiding and supporting your students' learning instead of dealing with connectivity issues.

SCS Assessment

Easily assess student understanding

Assess each student's understanding of the lesson material easily and effectively with SMART Response CE software, the assessment component of the suite. Deliver spontaneous quizzes or planned tests that can be easily enhanced with images and multimedia content. Students can easily respond to questions directly from their own computers. You instantly see the results, which are automatically tallied and recorded in the built-in gradebook, allowing you to evaluate student understanding, adjust lessons on the fly and provide accurate in-class feedback.

SCS Collaborative Learning

Encourage collaborative learning

SMART Classroom Suite offers collaborative learning components for both teachers and students, and it helps you engage students with interactive content. You can quickly access all lesson materials from one convenient location. Intuitive tools and features enable you to easily create, deliver and manage interactive lessons. You can also add graphics and multimedia content instantly to any assessment or lesson.

With SMART Notebook SE software, students can complete assignments and create their own interactive material using the same platform you use. Students can also make notes, save and organize files, and keep track of due dates.

SMART Classroom Suite software

Simple consolidated installation

SMART Classroom Suite software makes it simpler than ever to manage all of your SMART software and hardware products by consolidating the software installations into one. Network administrators can also install the student and teacher software over a network using an automated installation manager.

Master class list

Ensure consistency and simplicity and save time – SMART Sync and SMART Response share one master class list.

Software integration

Make class time more efficient by using one integrated software suite to teach, assess and manage your classroom.

Flexible instruction options

Easily move between whole-class and small-group and individual instruction using a single software suite.

SMART Sync classroom management software

Support mixed operating systems

Manage your learning environment even when the operating systems in it are mixed. You can include computers with both Windows and Mac operating systems in one setup and a SMART Table interactive learning center as a separate learning station.

Convenient monitoring

Observe all computer screens in the class from your computer.

Ability to lock screens

Quickly capture your students’ attention by locking their screens using a customizable message.

Screen broadcasting

Demonstrate a concept or example by projecting a student's desktop for the entire class to see.

Student collaboration support

Randomly organize your students into groups, where they can work on assignments and share screens without leaving their computers.

Robust network support

Quickly connect and stay connected to your school’s wired or wireless network.

SMART Response CE interactive response software

Integrated assessment and lessons

Create instant or planned assessments, or insert questions into any lesson to gain insight into your students' understanding.

Multiple question types

Design questions using six question types – true or false, yes or no, multiple choice, multiple answer, numeric response and short answer.

Teacher Tools

Access, view and manage all assessment data in one location. Use the built-in gradebook to track student performance and record test results. Quickly and easily adjust grades for the class by viewing all unique submitted answers for each question and selecting acceptable answers.

Preview question results

View student progress during assessments before final answers have been submitted.

Import questions

Import questions from third-party question banks, Microsoft Word files (Windows operating system only), HTML or PDF documents (Mac operating system only). You can also import files from EXAMVIEW Test Generator by eInstruction directly into a SMART Notebook lesson activity and deliver them via SMART Response.

Export results

Export results in text (.csv) format for further analysis, or upload into third-party gradebooks, including PowerTeacher by Pearson, GradeSpeed Gradebook by Schoolnet and more.

SMART Notebook SE (Student Edition) collaborative learning software

My Home

Students can personalize their home pages with photos, images and information.

My Binder

Students can easily organize their schedules, assignments and class notes by labeling their files with keywords or other tags.

Multiple search options

Students can conduct file searches by keyword, subject or due date using a search box or tag cloud.

SMART Notebook collaborative learning software

Interactive lesson delivery

Interact with your lessons using a wide variety of drawing, annotation and presentation tools. Full-screen zoom enables you to take advantage of the entire surface of the SMART Board interactive whiteboard. And optimized file saving reduces image and video file sizes – typically to one-tenth the original size – for easier storage.

Share lessons with your peers

An icon on the toolbar links you to the SMART Exchange website, where you can find lesson plans, get ideas or use the file share option to easily upload your own lessons.

Lesson creation and delivery tools

Use a variety of drawing, annotation and presentation tools to create and deliver interactive lessons.

Gallery Essentials

Enhance your lessons by using more than 7,000 images and multimedia learning objects.

Lesson Activity Toolkit

Customize tools and templates to easily create professional and engaging lessons for your students.

vid_thumb classroom suite demo

SMART Classroom Suite

Discover how SMART Classroom Suite can transform teaching and learning in your computer-enabled classroom. Watch the SMART Classroom Suite video.

Suite eBook

SMART Classroom Suite classroom story

Watch how teachers at Westwood Elementary are using SMART Classroom Suite to help foster collaborative learning in their classrooms.

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SMART Classroom Suite interactive learning software - Full specifications (PDF - 2.8 MB)

SMART Classroom Suite™ interactive learning software

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SMART Classroom Suite 2011 - lab, mobile cart, computer-enabled classroom license $1,435

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Empowering Students with 1:1 eLearning

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Find lesson materials

SMART Exchange and SMART Classroom Suite

Search, filter, preview and download thousands of SMART Notebook lesson activities and SMART Response question sets – or upload and share your own.

PDF eBook on SMART Classroom Suite

Classroom Suite eBook

Check out this PDF eBook from Tech & Learning to find out how SMART Classroom Suite interactive learning software can help you manage classrooms and assess students.

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