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SMART Bridgit® conferencing software makes it easy to move learning beyond the classroom walls. You can quickly connect students to each other no matter where they are, and to guest speakers anywhere in the world. Bridgit software is the simple and affordable way to share voice, video and data over the Internet.

Interactive learning – without boundaries

With SMART Bridgit® software, learning becomes an engaging experience where students anywhere can collaborate and interact with each other as if they were in the same room.

Teachers can share the content on their SMART Board® interactive whiteboard or computer with the entire class. And students can work in small groups using computers or personal devices, such as iPads.

Bridigt iPad app

Contribute from your iPad

Participate in classes using your iPad. With access to a wi-fi or 3G network students can interact with content presented on an interactive display

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Connect to a world of learning opportunities

Bring guest speakers into your classroom from anywhere in the world by setting up virtual presentations for your students. Presenters can help students gain a deeper understating of topics by sharing their expertise or taking them on virtual field trips.

Schools can expand professional development and training opportunities by hosting events with educators from a variety of locations, and everyone can participate in real time from wherever they are – no travel required.

Simplicity and flexibility come together

It's easy to engage students in a variety of learning environments - all you need is an Internet connection to set up a session. Students can work on their own, collaborate in small groups in class or connect remotely from miles away. You can share your desktop in real time from your desk or SMART Board interactive whiteboard and everyone can see the same the applications, documents and websites and write over them in digital ink.

Newest Features

SMART Bridgit® for iPad app

Leverage your investment in iPads by downloading the SMART Bridgit® for iPad app from the App Store. Students can use features like raising their hands virtually on their iPad during a lesson to make lessons more interactive. And the app supports iOS6.1.2 and first generation iPads on iOS5.1.1.

Improved video quality

View video streams from up to nine locations simultaneously. The video quality has been improved through a frame rate that is twice as fast and a pixel count that is 4 times greater than in the previous version of the software.

Intuitive controls

Easily control video and audio settings, resize video windows and select tiled or filmstrip layouts for viewing.

New support for server virtualization

The software is easy to install on a virtualized server running vSphere 4.1.

All features

Remote collaboration

Students can connect remotely and participate with their classmates as if they were in the same room. They can work on the same file, share information and exchange ideas.

Face-to-face interaction

Use voice, video, instant messaging and digital annotations to share content and participate in whole-class or small-group instruction on a SMART Board interactive whiteboard or personal computers in real time.

Content sharing

With one click share your SMART Notebook software files and website content from your computer desktop or SMART Board interactive whiteboard so everyone can see.

Content collaboration

Write, draw and interact with files to collaborate with students anywhere – remote students can draw on the SMART Board interactive whiteboard at the same time as a student in the room.

Audio support

Use any microphone headset to hear classroom discussions and ask questions.

Video capabilities

Use Web cam video streams to visually connect remote students with the rest of the class in a real-time video stream that appears in a pop-up box. The software supports video from up to nine locations simultaneously.

Instant messaging

Students can use instant messaging to chat privately with each other or with groups of students who are connected to a SMART Board interactive whiteboard.

Real-time discussions

Remote students can let the teacher or other students know that they want to ask a question or make a comment without disrupting the flow of the lesson by clicking on the Raise Hand button.

Remote control

All students, including those connecting remotely, can take turns controlling the session and sharing or creating content.

Share multiple displays

Use multiple SMART Board interactive whiteboards and displays throughout the classroom or school to support small-group learning. Remote students can connect to and interact with any of the displays.

Simple connection

Connect with students anywhere as long as they have an Internet connection. Students join the session by simply clicking on the link sent in an e-mail invitation – no software installation is required.

Secure collaboration

Multilayer password options and SSL encryption ensure students can collaborate in a safe environment. The software is also designed to work with firewalls.

Integration with Microsoft® Office Outlook® and Exchange

Schedule meetings by checking on the SMART Scheduler options, which automatically create a SMART Bridgit software session. Invitations sent to participants will include connection instructions and the start and end times of your meeting.

Language support

The full version of Bridgit software supports 13 languages and you can easily switch between them. The SMART Bridgit app for iPad currently supports English only.

Support for mixed OS environments

The full version of Bridgit software is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Find technical information on this product, including details such as operating system requirements.

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SMART Bridgit® software - Full specifications (PDF - 1.42MB)

SMART Bridgit®

Model MSEP*
Bridgit Server 25 (25 Concurrent Users) $4,799
Bridgit Server MAX (500 Concurrent Users) $7,999

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* MSEP: Manufacturer's Suggested Education Price for qualifying education institutions in the US market (in US dollars). See reseller for details. Resellers may sell for less. Exclusive of shipping, installation, duties or taxes.


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