SMART Board 600i interactive whiteboard system

Note: The SMART Board 600 series interactive whiteboard and associated projector systems are being discontinued. The new SMART Board M600 series interactive whiteboard offers the experience you expect from the SMART Board 600 series with the addition of dual-touch. Visit the SMART Board M600 series product page for more information.

The SMART Board® 600i interactive whiteboard system combines an award-winning SMART Board interactive whiteboard, ultra-short-throw projector and extended control panel. This integrated system adds flexibility and efficiency to the classroom by helping you easily access and control all multimedia devices and the projector from the front of the interactive whiteboard. All projectors are backed by our SMART Projector Care Plus program.

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With everything we do, we ask ourselves Is it innovative? Is it inspiring? Is it useful? And most importantly, Is it easy? This approach is key in helping you create something extraordinary in your classroom. We invite you to see why SMART products are so easy to use in a real-life classroom – watch our SMART Ease of Use video.

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To see how the 600i and other SMART products can help you enhance whole-class, small-group and individual learning, take the SMART Classroom Tour.


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600i – Full specifications


680i6 – Full specifications


685i6 – Full specifications

SMART UF65 projector system

18 1/2" W × 15 1/2" H × 50 1/4" D
(47 × 39.4 × 127.6 cm)

13 lb. 8 oz. (6.1 kg)

SMART UF75 projector system

14" W ×15 1/2" H × 28" D
(35.6 × 39.4 × 71.1 cm)

17 lb. (7.7 kg)

Product warranty

Review SMART product warranties and check warranty periods for registered products.

SMART Board 600i interactive whiteboard system

Model MSEP*
SMART Board 660 with UF65 projector $2,789
SMART Board 660 with UF75 projector $3,279
SMART Board 680 with UF65 projector $2,999
SMART Board 680 with UF75 projector $3,499
SMART Board 685 with UF65w projector $3,489
SMART Board 685 with UF75w projector $3,999
SMART Board 690 with UF75w projector $4,099

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* MSEP: Manufacturer's Suggested Education Price for qualifying education institutions in the US market (in US dollars). See reseller for details. Resellers may sell for less. Exclusive of shipping, installation, duties or taxes.


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SMART Document camera and the SMART Resposnse family

Part of the SMART classroom

The 600 series is designed to be a part of the SMART classroom, so it's easy to add projectors and other SMART products, such as the SMART Document Camera and SMART Response interactive response systems. And accessories like the SMART Mobile Height-Adjustable Floor Stand and wireless Bluetooth connection mean the 600 series can be integrated into a variety of learning environments.


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3D Tools for SMART Notebook software

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Give students the ultimate visual learning experience. Bring stunning 3D images into your lessons with 3D Tools for SMART Notebook software.


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Experience the benefits of an integrated system specifically designed for the classroom with the UF70 ultra-short-throw projector featuring high definition and virtually shadow free viewing and writing.

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SMART offers a variety of ways to protect your investment through standard and extended warranties and the SMART Projector Care Plus program.

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