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SMART Exemplary Educator

The global SMART Exemplary Educator program recognizes skilled and dedicated teachers, technology coordinators and administrators who lead the way in using SMART products to engage students and improve learning outcomes.


The SMART Exemplary Educator program offers five distinct program pathways. Depending on your area of interest and expertise, you can select up to two pathways as a focus for each school year.

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Share your enthusiasm for learning more about how SMART products impact teaching and learning. SMART research projects are open to a diverse range of subjects, looking at how students learn and interact in the classroom from K–12 to higher education.

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Content creation

Get support from SMART to build engaging lessons and share them on the SMART Exchange website. You may receive requests to act as a group facilitator at SMART content creation seminars, and you'll be offered guidance on creating curriculum-specific lesson databases for your school or district.

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Peer education

Share your SMART knowledge with other teachers as a peer educator. You’ll receive tools and documentation for delivering SMART workshops and setting up SMART user groups. You’ll also receive information about peer mentoring and opportunities to present at conferences focused on the use of SMART products.

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Education advocacy

Offer your knowledge and hands-on experience using SMART products to other educators as a SMART advocate. You’ll have opportunities to tell your SMART story to local media, a state representative or other educators. From time to time, we’ll also send you information about opportunities to present your lesson activities and share your story at education shows and other SMART-sponsored events.

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Market and product advisory

Act as a SMART advisor and share your expertise and opinions about SMART products. You’ll receive invitations from SMART to talk about products (both new and in-development), beta test new SMART products and services, or share your insight on upcoming contests, promotions and other aspects of our marketing campaigns. Fill out the feature request survey to specify which product(s) you are interested in.

"I enjoy being part of the SMART Exemplary Educator program because it allows me to connect with educators around the globe and exchange ideas. As an Exemplary Educator, I also participate in professional development workshops, which contributes to my knowledge of technology trends and product marketing."
Jocelyn Johnson
Jocelyn Johnson
Atlanta, Georgia, United States

SMART Exemplary Educator application

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The SMART Exemplary Educator program will be accepting application in 2014. To be notified when the application is available, click here.


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Interactive Administrator

SMART Showcase Schools
and Districts

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Educators at SMART Showcase Schools and Districts are eager to share how SMART products and services can help create engaging, interactive learning environments.

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