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Education programs and funding resources

At SMART, we're committed to supporting education at all levels. Our education programs reward exemplary educators, provide grants to preservice teaching programs to encourage technology in the classroom and recognize excellence in teaching. Visit our grants and fundraising section for additional tips, resources and best practices to help your school or district find the external funding you need for your technology goals.

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SMART Exemplary Educator

Become an active member of a unique group of teachers, technology coordinators and educators. SMART Exemplary Educators are committed to improving student learning through the use of SMART products. These individuals are recognized for their exceptional efforts with membership benefits, which include attending exclusive events and professional development opportunities.

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SMART Showcase Schools and Districts

Educators at SMART Showcase Schools and Districts are eager to share how SMART products and services can help create transformational learning environments. Visit the SMART Showcase School nearest you and you'll see how SMART products are making a difference every day in education, and have the opportunity to speak with teachers and administrators about why they chose SMART.

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Teaching Excellence Awards

Inspiring and motivated teachers who make a significant and lasting impact on their students, schools and communities are recognized and rewarded with SMART’s prestigious Teaching Excellence Award.

Grants & Fundraising

Grants and fundraising

Our grants and fundraising resources are designed to help you acquire technology products for your classroom. Browse our grant database, get essential tips for writing grant applications and running successful fundraising campaigns, and get new fundraising ideas.


Customer stories

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SMART education solutions are having profound effects on students and educators. We invite you to view stories about how our products are transforming teaching and learning in classrooms around the world.


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