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SMART publications help you better understand how digital technology, collaboration and interactivity can help improve student learning outcomes. They also offer insights on enhancing your use of SMART products in the classroom and provide the latest technical advice from SMART's services team.

SMART's YouTube channel

SMART's YouTube channel

Connect and collaborate with us on our YouTube channel. You'll discover tips and tricks and gain inspiration from real classroom stories.

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Product news from SMART. Posts on training resources. Interviews with educators. Get all this and more on the EDCompass blog.



Visit the newsroom to view the latest announcements from SMART and access our image gallery, news archive, awards listing and more.



Find out what the latest research is telling us about interactive technology, learning environments, student outcomes and more.

SMART Technologies is a leading provider of technology solutions that enable inspired collaboration in schools and workplaces around the world by turning group work into a highly interactive, engaging and productive experience. SMART delivers an integrated solution of hardware, software and services designed for superior performance and ease of use, and remains a world leader in interactive displays.
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