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Mixed Reality with the SMART Document Camera

Mixed reality cube with the SMART Document Camera

The SMART Document Camera 450 offers an innovative way to foster deeper student engagement and understanding with mixed reality. Students can interact with 3D content and scenes, immersing themselves in rich 3D worlds by virtually connecting a physical object with 3D content in SMART Notebook collaborative learning software.

A student using a mixed reality cube, for example, can pick up a 3D image of an heart and manipulate it by moving the cube under the document camera- and everyone can see the interaction in real time on the SMART Board interactive whiteboard or display. This visual, 360-degree viewpoint that would otherwise be impossible to share helps students understand complex and abstract concepts.

The SMART Document Camera 450 works with SMART's education-specific 3D content, available in the SMART Notebook Gallery Sampler and the SMART Exchange. With 3D content fully integrated with SMART Notebook software, incorporating it into your lessons will be easy and seamless.

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