SMART LightRaise™ interactive projectors

Bring learning to life with the first interactive projectors to combine differentiated pen and touch capabilities with SMART Notebook collaborative learning software. Choose from two unique SMART LightRaise models: the versatile 60wi - which features two touch-points of interactivity and 2500 lumens of brightness - or the powerful 60wi2 - which offers four touch-point interactivity and 3000 lumens of stunning visuals. Whatever model you choose, the SMART LightRaise is the perfect way to make learning more interactive, engaging and fun.

SMART LightRaise 60wi2

SMART Notebook collaborative learning software

SMART LightRaise feature SMART LightRaise feature

Included with both models of the SMART LightRaise, SMART Notebook software lets teachers create and deliver engaging interactive lessons, plus comes with access to over 60,000 ready-made resources, ensuring teachers get the most from their classroom technology.


Ultra-short-throw projector

SMART LightRaise feature

With 2500 lumens of brightness for the 60wi and 3000 lumens for the 60wi2, SMART LightRaise projectors deliver stunning HD visuals that keep students engaged. Ultra-short-throw projection also keep images free of distracting shadows and glare.


Multi-user interactivity

SMART LightRaise feature

SMART LightRaise projectors allow for a natural and intuitive approach to collaboration. Plus, students and teachers can interact and learn together using dynamic multitouch gestures like zoom and rotate.


Finger-touch and pen-based interactivity

SMART LightRaise feature

With SMART LightRaise projectors, students and teachers can work using natural finger touch and hand gestures or the interactive pen. Both projectors automatically detect whether a pen or finger is being used, without the need to stop and select from a menu.


Quick-connect control panel

SMART LightRaise feature

The optional extended control panel available for both models of the SMART LightRaise offers a simple one-touch power on/off switch, plus all video, audio and touch data is carried through a single, easy-to-access cable connection.

A hub for interactive learning

SMART LightRaise feature

Use your SMART LightRaise interactive projector with SMART Notebook software to create a dynamic platform for whole-class, small-group and individual learning. You can also effectively integrate student devices and other technologies you are using in your classroom.


A source for inspiration

SMART LightRaise feature SMART LightRaise feature

SMART Notebook includes a variety of other add-ons and tools to help you get more inspiration and collaboration in the classroom while using SMART LightRaise projectors.

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Collaboration in the classroom

SMART LightRaise feature

Learn more about how SMART solutions support collaborative learning and help you create lessons that encourage social interaction, providing your students with the skills they need for the future.

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Finding the right fit for personal devices

SMART LightRaise feature

Incorporating personal devices into the classroom can enable individualized learning in exciting ways, but it shouldn't come at the expense of small-group and whole-class learning – and it doesn't have to.

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Both the 60wi and 60wi2 include the following features:

Touch and pen-enabled interaction

Accurate finger-touch and pen-based interactivity on flat surfaces.

Multi-user interactivity

Up to two students can work together using the 60wi, with the 60wi2 letting four students use their fingers on the surface at the same time.

SMART Notebook software included

SMART Notebook collaborative learning software provides tools to create and deliver interactive lessons. This popular software is used by millions of educators around the world.

Access to high-quality lesson content

The SMART Exchange website helps teachers connect with each other and save time on lesson preparation. The website offers more than 60,000 classroom-ready learning resources.

Audio components

Includes two 10-watt speakers and a microphone input.

Interactive pen and pen holder

Comes with with two rechargeable interactive pens that can be stored in the convenient pen holder.

Multiple installation options

Offers the ability to project images in a range of sizes up to 100" (254 cm), giving you the flexibility to turn almost any surface into an interactive and collaborative learning space.

Integration with SMART solutions

SMART LightRaise interactive projectors integrate with other SMART products through SMART Notebook software, helping you get the most from your technology investment.

Interactivity on a fixed budget

An affordable way for students to experience the benefits of touch, collaboration and SMART Notebook software using large, widescreen interactive images.

SMART Projector Care Plus program

Your investment is covered under the SMART Projector Care Plus program, which includes a three-year warranty, repair or replacement of a malfunctioning projector and preferential pricing on projector lamp upgrades and replacements.

Support for multiple operating systems

SMART LightRaise interactive projectors support both Microsoft® Windows® and Mac operating systems.

Low power consumption

SMART LightRaise interactive projectors consume less than one watt of power in standby mode.

Find technical information for each model of the SMART LightRaise projector, including details such as operating system requirements, physical specifications and shipping size and weight.

60wi Interactive Projector tb straight

SMART LightRaise 60wi interactive projector - Full specifications

60wi Interactive Projector tb straight

SMART LightRaise 60wi2 interactive projector - Full specifications

SMART LightRaise™ interactive projector

Model MSEP*
LightRaise 60wi interactive projector $1,799
LightRaise 60wi2 interactive projector $1,999

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