SMART Exchange

SMART Exchange

The SMART Exchange website is a popular community consisting of over a million passionate educators. It helps bring inspiration to the classroom with a wealth of standards-correlated digital lessons, assessments files, interactive widgets, copyright cleared content and add-ons for SMART Notebook assessments – all designed to help you extend the power of SMART Notebook software.

A growing global education community

SMART Exchange consists of over a million passionate educators around the world sharing captivating interactive resources. Everyday these educators inspire each other and student learning by sharing content from their classrooms and downloading new content they can easily adapt for their students. Join now for free to start downloading content for your classrooms.

SMART Exchange

SMART Exchange

Extend the power of SMART collaborative learning solutions

SMART Exchange contains a wealth of free high-quality resources, created by SMART as well as educators. Through partnerships with leading education content providers and publishers, premium, paid-for content is also available. These resources can all be used to help you get the most out of your SMART products. And with one click you can access a wealth of online and live training resources to move you forward on your learning path with your SMART products.


Easy to exchange content and resources

You can start browsing content instantly and review recommendations from other educators before deciding to download. Simply join for free or sign in to start downloading and using content instantly. Easily contribute content to the SMART Exchange community by uploading files from your classroom. You can also collaborate with other educators and connect with SMART experts to exchange ideas, find information and join discussions on topics that are important to you.

SMART Exchange

Fresh daily ideas

Educators visit SMART Exchange daily to share content from their classrooms and download new content that they can quickly adapt for their classrooms.

Free membership

Membership is free. Join today and you can start downloading content and easily upload content that you have created.

Localized content for 48 countries

SMART Exchange is available in 48 countries around the world with content created and uploaded by educators in those countries, ensuring content is localized to be relevant to regional topics, standards, and languages.

The SMART Exchange search bar

Your website administrator can easily add the SMART Exchange search bar to any website, giving all website visitors instant access to search all the lesson plans and copyright cleared content on SMART Exchange.

Download the SMART Exchange search bar instructions today.

Free and paid content

SMART works with leading education content providers to add specialized content including 3D content for the SMART Document Camera, SMART Table applications, SMART Response question sets and interactive widgets that can all be downloaded for free. You can find links to Accredited Content that you can buy from visiting the content provider’s website.

The eCommerce shopping cart (US only)

Buy affordable, premium content from leading education content providers on the SMART Exchange using the eCommerce shopping cart. When you find paid content that you want to buy, simply add it to your shopping cart. You can complete your purchase using a credit card or PayPal through a secure online checkout.

XC beta

Download the Extreme Collaboration beta add-on for SMART Notebook and bring student collaboration from mobile devices to the SMART Board, so every student can actively contribute to class discussions and have their ideas captured together on a single SMART Notebook page for the whole class to see and explore.

Strong search results

All content on SMART Exchange is tagged by subject, grade, file type and key search terms to help you find the right content every time you search.

Preview and download Content

Preview files and read recommendations from other educators before deciding to download.

Start without installing SMART Notebook

When you find the content you need, click the Open in SMART Notebook Express button to instantly start using the file from any computer or interactive whiteboard, even if it doesn’t have SMART Notebook software installed.

Quickly contribute content

Click the Share a Resource tab to quickly upload your files and tag them by subject, grade and key search terms to make your content easy to find for other educators.

Collaborate with community of educators

In the Community forum, you can collaborate with other educators and connect with SMART experts to exchange ideas, find information and join discussions on topics that are important to you. You can also read the EDCompass blog to get the latest news from the education community and SMART.

Click Through to Training

The Training tab links to a training website where you’ll find a wealth of online and live training resources to move you forward on your learning path with SMART products.

SMART Exchange video

Learn more about how the SMART Exchange enables you to access classroom-ready resources. Watch the SMART Exchange video.

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SMART Exchange

A world of content

On SMART Exchange, you’ll find interactive widgets and activity builders, copy right-cleared images and videos as well as add-ons for SMART Notebook software. You can also download SMART Notebook lessons, SMART Response question sets, SMART Table applications and activities, 3D content and SMART Document Camera activities by doing a general search.


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