3D Tools for SMART Notebook software

Notebook 3D Tools

When you immerse students in a 3D world, visualization can have an immediate impact on learning. With 3D Tools, you can import and manipulate 3D content seamlessly from within SMART Notebook collaborative learning software. And because you can label images and write over them in digital ink, your 3D content is a versatile vehicle for hands-on learning.

Gain insight – visually

With 3D Tools for SMART Notebook, students can investigate content from multiple angles. Whether exploring a molecule from the inside out or entering a live volcano, they gain a perspective that makes the most complex topics easier to understand.

Notebook 3D Tools
Notebook 3D Tools

Explore the world – on a budget

Seeing learning materials in person is an excellent way to learn, but it isn't always practical to take a field trip or bring an artifact into the classroom. With 3D Tools for SMART Notebook, students can clearly visualize a wide variety of images, from sound waves to earthquakes. You can easily import images into new or existing lessons at no charge.

Notebook 3D Tools

Label images

Because you can create labels for any part of a 3D image, it's easier to clarify difficult subject matter. The labels you add remain attached to an image even as it rotates, helping students visualize, understand and retain information. Simply type directly into a label or drag in your digital ink handwriting. Then you can save the file, along with any labels and handwritten annotations, and use it for another lesson.

Notebook 3D Tools

Immerse yourself in the scene

The 3D experience in SMART Notebook goes beyond rotating an object – you can even step right inside many images. If you're looking at a cathedral, for example, you can view it from the inside, as if you're standing within its walls and turning to look around. This immersive experience allows students to explore objects from all possible angles and fully understand their structures.

Choose from a multitude of images

You can import 3D images for many subject areas and grade levels by dragging them from the Gallery or by inserting those you've saved from the SMART Exchange website. Or you can download them from the Google 3D Warehouse. It's easy to find content that makes your lessons jump off the screen.

Plug-in for SMART Notebook software

After activation, 3D Tools for SMART Notebook is embedded into SMART Notebook software, saving you from running several different applications during a lesson

Non-stereoscopic technology

No 3D glasses are required

Content import

Drag 3D images from the SMART Notebook Gallery into your lesson or insert those you’ve downloaded from the SMART Exchange website or the Google 3D Warehouse. You can also work with Google SketchUp files.

Rotation handles

Explore models by moving them along a single axis or multiple axes

Sticky labels

Attach labels to an object and they remain fixed to it, even when it is rotated

Digital ink

Write notes over 3D images or drag a handwritten phrase into a label. Save your annotations in the SMART Notebook file for later use.

Scene immersion

Navigate through the internal details of 3D models so students feel as if they are actually inside objects. Change orientation and move within a scene.

Disguise tool

Hide an image inside a magic hat, and pull it out with a simple touch to capture students’ attention during a lesson

3D Tools for SMART Notebook software

To discover how 3D Tools for SMART Notebook software adds a new dimension to your lessons, watch our video.

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Notebook 3D Tools

3D Tools for SMART Notebook software - Full specifications (PDF - 621KB)

3D Tools for SMART Notebook software - System requirements (PDF - 7KB)

3D Tools for SMART Notebook software

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